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Alternative Gifts

Looking for a gift that also improves the body, mind and/or soul? Seeds of Wellness has products that make unique gifts for yourself and the ones you love.

Essential Oils

Essential oils for your overall well-being

Seeds of Wellness carries a variety of pure essential oils .

Many of the pure essential oils we offer in a small bottle containing 20 drops. This allows you to use the oil and learn how it interacts with you. Essential oils work differently for everyone and may need a carrier oil to dilute its strength

Come in to learn more and see the essential oil single and blends we offer to provide healing and give you an overall feeling of well-being.

The Dame Dares - Come Alive Cards

"Come alive cards for discovering your dame."

Dames Rule Cards-Will you accept the dare?

"A Dame is someone who dares to command her own spirit, dares to live her own life and dares to love herself warts and all."

These cards inspire, enlighten, transform and dare you.

"Do it. Come alive. One Dare at a Time."

Note: All quotes come for The Dame Dares cards. Cards created by Marje Rody, former VP of Live Entertainment for Cedar Point.

Hematite Rings

Hemetite rings for grounding and production

Hematite rings provide grounding, protection and deflect negativity for the wearer of the ring.

Seeds of Wellness carry a variety of sizes and widths.

Tumbled gemstones avialable at Seeds of Wellness

Semi Precious Gemstones

Seeds of Wellness has the following high quality tumbled gemstones available: Crystal Quartz points, Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Magnetite, Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli and Fluorite.

Semiprecious gemstones with meaning

Gemstones contain healing energies, which can be used for cleansing, meditation and healing. Each type of gemstone has their own properties and powers.

To learn about the properties and energies of a particular gemstone go to Sobriety Stones.

Handcrafted Gemstone Pendulums

Handcrafted Gemstone Pendulums

Enjoy a handmade pendulum created by Lynne and Brenda.

Want a specific stone for your pendulum? Choose from our tumbled gemstones or bring one in. We wire wrap the gemstone while you wait, or you can pick it up later.

We also sell the beaded chains separately. Mix and match your gemstone to a chain. Want a specific color? We can create a custom beaded chain just for you.

SUDS All Purpose Professional Cleaner

SUDS All Purpose Professional Cleaner

A water-based cleaner with no ammonia, harsh chemicals or fumes. This non-abrasive cleaner leaves no film on all washable surfaces as it cleans. Because SUDS is water based it dissolves instantly in hot water and stays mixed.

SUDS cleans tape residue, ink, marker, rust, etc off a surface, use concentrated SUDS to remove it. Dilute SUDS in hot water and clean your oven, grill, soap build-up, carpets, stainless steel and more. Directions are on the container.

You can even use SUDS in all carpet machines and as a hand cleaner without drying out your skin. After cleaning many hard surfaces including glass, smeary fingerprints are not visible.

Come into Seeds of Wellness and use the tester on any surface in the store.

Massage your scalp with a Head Massager

Head Massager

Relax and reduce tension in yourself or someone you love with a Head Massager.

The metal Head Massager gently massages your head and back of your neck while stimulating the sensitive nerves in the scalp.

A unique gift for yourself or someone you love.

Wind Chimes

Selection of small wind chimes

These small wind chimes are perfect for outside or inside your home. Some have magnets on the back, so you can put them on the refrigerator as a signal when someone is opens the refrigerator door.

Wind chimes are a great gift and many contain positive statements like "friends welcome", "love is in the little things" and "faith grows in the garden".

Do you love good mystery?

If you do, you will love our Mystery Chest. Purchase the chest for $20 plus tax and get everything inside.

What's Inside the Mystery Chest?

"But what's inside?" you ask.

You have to purchse the items in the chest to find out. The item or items in the chest have a value of $25+.

Note: The chest is not include with the purchase.


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