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Seeds of Wellness' Service Provider Biographies

Rev. Pat Beers

Pat Beers doing psychic reading for Kirby the Skunk at Seeds of Wellness

Rev. Pat Beers has been reading at Seeds of Wellness since 2011.

As a medium, clairvoyant and psychometrist (uses your objects to pick up vibrations), she uses her gifts to provide you with guidance to your life path and answer questions about your relationships, health, career and more. She uses her gift to connect with your passed loved ones to help you resolve any questions you have about them or your life. Pat is also able to communicate with animals and welcomes pets as long as they are on a lease or in a carrier.

Pat, an internationally known professional psychic, has been using her gifts since childhood. Her initial "spirit" contact occurred at the age of 7 when she felt her my deceased favorite Uncle Memz touch her hair and heard him speak to her. As a Reverend through the Sanctuary of Angelic Lights, Pat has done over 33 weddings.

Pat Beers does regular psychic reading at several locations in Ohio including Seeds of Wellness as well as psychic fairs in several states.

Rev. Donna Bretz

Psychic Rev. Donna Bretz reading at Holistic & Psychic Fair on June 10, 2018

Welcome psychic reader, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist and ordained Minister, Donna Bretz, to Seeds of Wellness.

Looking for answers to your questions and help moving forward on your path? Rev. Donna Bretz will use her over 25 years of experience working in the area of healing and intuitive sensing to help you. As an empath, Donna senses your energy blocks and the angels and guides that travel with you. With the help of your and her guides, Donna's readings focus on inner growth and healing.

If your energy needs a tune up or you have been feeling off balance, she can help you by using her skills as a Reiki Master/Teacher and abilitity to use Cord Cutting and Energy Balancing. She also sees and interprets auras. Donna brings a gentle energy as she helps you move into a happier state of being.

Donna developed her gifts of intuition through her maternal Grandmother. She connected with her gifts as an Intuitive Empath (one who picks up energies) as a child. Donna is also a Certified Hypnotherapist, ordained Minister, certified in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and a Therapeutic Touch practitioner. Donna gained a wide variety of knowledge and experience of working with people during her career in the human services field for the past 30 years.

Donna retired in December of 2006 from Erie County Department of Jobs and Family Service, to pursue her lifelong passion of "Helping people, Help themselves." She owned and operated a business in downtown Sandusky for eight years.

Donna approaches life with much anticipation and joy!

Rev. Jim Flynn

Medium and spiritual healer, Jim Flynn

Jim Flynn is a medium and psychic who discovered his gifts later in life. Over the past five years, he's delivered inspiring messages to people in group settings and private readings. He has studied with internationally recognized mediums such as Tony Stockwell, Lisa Williams and Sharon Klingler. Recently he became an ordained minister with Church of the Living Spirit in Lily Dale, NY.

Jim attends and participates in mediumship events regularly in Lily Dale and has served spirit at the Stump in Lily Dale on many occasions. He also practices spiritual healing. People who receive spiritual healings often report feeling extremely loved and may have a cathartic emotional experience.

Psychic, tarot reader and hypnotherapist, Elizabeth Howell

Rev. Elizabeth Howell

After surviving a near death experience at the age of three, Elizabeth became aware of her ability to see dead people, colors around people and more. She began using these gifts as a professional reader over 20 years ago. Elizabeth Howell is also a Reiki Master, certified Herbalist, certified Hypnotherapist and ordained minister. She loves helping people, learning, teaching and growing.

Licensed Massage Therapist, Greg Kendzior

Greg Kendzior, LMT

Seeds of Wellness welcomes licensed massage therapist, Reiki Master and psychic reader, Greg Kendzior.

Greg has over 5 years of massage experience and does relaxation, deep tissue and sports massage. He is brings over 12 years experience as a Reiki Master. He offers Reiki to people and pets.

As a certified Tuning Fork Therapist for 15 years, Greg uses a series of 9 tuning forks during a session and can be combined with massage and Reiki.

Greg Nicholas

Greg started providing psychic readings at Seed of Wellness in March, 2014.

He is a 4th generation psychic medium descended from his Great Italian Grandmother with over 20 years of experience. During a reading Greg confirms messages from spirit and angels by utilizing his gifts, dominos, cards and a pendulum.

As a psychic medium, Greg relies on various feelings and scents he receives to connect with departed loved ones. He also uses his empathic gift to receive and convey messages. Greg can help guide you in any area, but he specializes in connecting with the other side.