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Seeds of Wellness Blog

What Did the Goat’s Milk Say to the Aloe Vera?

“I’m the better moisturizer,” the goat’s milk replied.

Is this true?  Goat’s milk and Aloe Vera have been used for centuries in a variety of applications. Evidence of their use has been found as far back as Egypt more than 6,000 years ago. Aloe Vera is a succulent plant that grows in hot, dry regions and stores water in its leaves for survival.  Goat’s milk comes from mother goats, of course.  However the nutrients in their milk come from what they eat – mainly plants. Let’s compare the skin care benefits of the two.

Similar Skin Care Benefits

Goat’s milk and Aloe Vera have some of the same skin care benefits:

  • Baby goatContain antioxidants and proteins that help reduce and slow down the aging of the skin
  • Provide treatment for acne, psoriasis, eczema and fungal infections
  • Reduce skin inflammation from acne and rashes
  • Help repair skin damage
  • Soothe itching caused by dry skin and minor sunburns
  • Absorbed deeper and quicker into the skin than other moisturizers
  • Provide a protective coating on the skin’s surface, which protects the skin from UV damage and bacteria*
  • Work well with all skin types including sensitive skin
  • Leaves no oily residue on the skin

* Not recommended as a sunscreen replacement

Different Skin Care Benefits

The differences between goat’s milk and Aloe Vera can be subtle, but they also affect the healing properties they provide.

Goat’s Milk

  • Soothes the itching caused by dry skin and sunburns
  • Exfoliates (removing old skin cells) and stimulates the skins cells to regenerate resulting in smoother and softer skin
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, rough skin and uneven pigmentation
  • Provides quick hydration of the skin
  • Helps the skin retain moisture
  • Helps add elasticity to the skin

Aloe Vera PlantAloe Vera

  • Soothes and reduces the itching from bug bites, skin rashes and sunburns
  • Relieves the pain from burns and sunburns as well as prevents the skin from becoming dry and peeling
  • Helps reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks
  • Increases the blood flow to the skin which promotes healing of minor cuts and wounds*

* The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) states that Aloe Vera should not be use on deep cuts, serious wounds, puncture wounds, surgical incisions and if used may deter their healing.

Was the goat’s milk correct by saying it moisturizes better than Aloe Vera? Yes, it is true.  While both goat’s milk and Aloe Vera provide many of the same benefits to the skin. Goat’s milk provides hydration and moisture retention to the skin that Aloe Vera doesn’t provide.  Goat’s milk also help the old skins cells slough off easier, which helps new skin cells regenerate quickly. Aloe Vera, on the other hand, provides more healing to the skin by reducing pain, inflammation, itching and increased blood flow.

When purchasing goat’s milk or Aloe Vera lotion, check the ingredient list to be sure they are listed in the first 3 ingredients.  The higher they are listed in the list, the more goat’s milk or Aloe Vera is contained in the lotion.  For a lotion containing 98% natural ingredients, check out Seeds of Wellness web page for Pure Enchantment skin care products.

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Difference between Commercial and Handmade Bar Soap

There are many varieties of bar soap, but not all bar soap is the same.  There are major differences between commercial and handmade soaps.  The differences begin with how the soap is made and the additives to the soap before it becomes a solid bar.


Making Soap

Soap is made from fats or oils and lye.  Most soap are made with the cold process method: heating the fat or oils, slowly adding lye and water mixture until it thickens, adding fragrance and color and then pouring the liquid into molds.  The soap is removed from the molds once hardened, about 24 hours.  After it has cured for about four weeks, it is safe and ready for use.  During the soap making process, the added lye is neutralized by the chemical reaction that turns the fat and lye into soap.


Commercial Bar Soap
Washing your hands with bar soap
Much commercial soap is made using the cold process method.  However, instead of pouring the liquid into molds once it thickens, they add salt to the mixture.  The salt causes the liquid to curdle.  The curdled soap floats to the top and is skimmed off the liquid to put into molds.  The remaining liquid is mainly glycerin which is distilled and sold to pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies to make a profit.

By removing the glycerin from the soap, the bar soap is more like a detergent.  A detergent is a surfactant that helps water and oil to combine instead of separating.  This allows a surface to be cleaned with water even if the surface contains oil.  Skin contains oil which is removed when a detergent is used.  Therefore, commercial bar soap dries out the skin because it remove the skins natural oils that provide the body protection from weather, viruses, bacteria and other disease causing substances.

In order for commercial bar soap to provide more moisturizing than drying to the skin, other ingredients need to be added to the soap like lotion and cream.  Many commercial soap ads say “it won’t dry your skin” because they added moisturizers.  These additives also contain many harsh chemicals and chemical preservatives.


What Is Glycerin?

Fats (both vegetable and animal) contain glycerin. It is a thick odorless and colorless sweet tasting and low toxicity liquid that is an ingredient in foods, medication, soap, antifreeze and other products.

Glycerin is known for its main property, humectant, the retaining of water.  When glycerin stays on the surface of the skin, it helps seal the moisture in the skin because the moisture cannot be released into the air.

Glycerin is also hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture from the air.  Therefore, it draws water to the skin from the air which increases the amount of moisture in the skin.


Handmade Bar Soap

Pure Enchantment handmade soapPeople who make soap can buy unscented glycerin bars or soap bars that they melt down and add their own fragrance and color to the liquid and then put into molds.  However, the amount of glycerin in the soap depends on how much is contained in the initial bar soap being melted down.  If the soap is made from scratch, most are made using the cold process method.

When the soap bars are made from scratch, the glycerin remains in the soap, and the artisan can choose to add natural or artificial fats, oils, fragrances and colors to the final product.  While the handmade soap may not last as long as the commercial soap, it doesn’t contain as many chemical preservatives or other harsh chemicals.

As a consumer, you need to look at the ingredient list of any soap you purchase, even the handmade soap.  The ingredient list of a natural handmade soap shouldn’t contain chemical names like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) or artificial colors like blue number 1.


To learn more about natural soap and other natural skincare products, please go to Seeds of Wellness’ Pure Enchantment products webpage.

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What Makes Whole-Leaf Tea Better?

Whole-leaf or loose leaf tea refers to the size of the tea leaves. The main difference between whole-leaf tea and the typical tea bag is the size of the leaf. The less broken tea leaves available in the tea results in more essential oils being retained in the leaves, the basis of the tea’s flavor and aroma. Typical tea bags consist of tiny broken pieces of tea leaves called fannings or dusts. When the leaves are broken up, the essential oil can evaporate quicker resulting in a tasteless tea.

Tea cupWhen you use a whole-leaf tea, the leaves need space to swell, expand, and unfurl to release the essential oils, minerals and vitamins contained within them. Therefore, good water circulation around and through the leaves is important. Do to the size of the typical tea bag, there is not enough room for the leaves to expand which does not allow the water to circulate around the leaves. This results in a less flavorful cup of tea.

Typical grocery store tea bags contain a blend of different types of teas. This is done to help keep the cost of the tea low. The quantity of each type of tea can vary based on the cost of each tea. While the amount of each tea added to the blend may vary, the flavor profile changes very little due to the number of teas blended together. Also, the good leaves are packaged and sold as whole-leaf tea, the left over tea is put into the tea bags.

two leaves and a bud whole leaf teaWhole-leaf tea usually consists of one type of tea from a specific region. This results in changes in flavor from year to year and season to season. Therefore, the time of year the tea is harvested will yield a particular flavor profile. Because the leaves contain more essential oils, some whole-leaf teas can be re-steeped to yield multiple cups of flavorful tea.

Two leaves and a bud tea company has found a way to put whole-leaf tea into a bag that allows the leaves to unfurl and release their full flavor. The pyramid shaped bag also allows the water to circulate through the tea leaves resulting in a rich and flavorful cup of tea.

Stop into Seeds of Wellness and check out the many flavors of two leaves and a bud we have available. Purchase several of one flavor or mix and match the tea bags. We offer black, green, white, red and herbal teas.

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What Is Handwriting Analysis?

With all the CSI dramas on TV, many of us have seen forensic analysis done on a hand written note found at the scene, signature on a document or ransom note given to someone. In these cases, the handwriting is compared to a known sample by a specific person. However, this is not the only form of handwriting analysis.

Handwriting analysis, also known as Graphology, began in the 1870s by a group of French clerics. Over the years multiple scientific research projects have studied the correlation between our brain and our handwriting. The science of handwriting is still being researched and expanded today. Besides being used in forensics, handwriting analysis is also used in counseling, business, jury screening, substance abuse tests to name a few.

What can our handwriting tell us about ourselves?

Handwriting reveals many things about a personWhen you hand write your signature, a note or any other type of communication, your personality is expressed through your handwriting. Over 5,000 different personality traits can be found in our handwriting. Of course, your personal handwriting would not contain all of these traits. Some of the personality traits found include fears, social abilities, emotional state, self-confidence and leadership skills.

The personality traits reflected in your handwriting apply to the time at which you wrote the sample. Like us, our handwriting changes depending on our environment, emotional state and how we are feeling physically while writing the note. However, handwriting analysis is not a form of fortune telling, can not predict the future, does not solve problems or tell the age or sex of the writer.


How can handwriting express our personality?

A Handwriting Analyst or Graphologist looks for over 300 different features in your handwriting including the following: Number of handwriting features to analyze

  • How you slant your letters
  • Size of your overall writing and of your loops
  • Legibility of your handwriting
  • How hard you press as you write
  • Alignment of your sentence to the page
  • Spacing of your letters and words

The following are examples of handwriting feature and corresponding personality traits:

  • Slant letters to the right (//) – like to socialize
  • Slant letters to the left (\\) – like to work alone or behind the scenes
  • No slant (||) – logical and practical person that guards your emotions
  • Heavy pressure – strong emotions
  • Light pressure – not very emotional or withdrawn

The features alone are not important. It is the combination of the features and how they interact with each other that provides the Graphologist information about your personality. To get a better understand of handwriting analysis read what the handwriting says about some famous people like Elvis Presley, Mother Theresa and John Gacy by clicking here.

Are you interested in what your handwriting says about you? You don’t need to come into the store. You can receive a phone call about your handwriting analysis.  Contact us at 440-933-7733 about what you need to complete to receive your handwriting analysis over the phone.

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E-liquid Guidelines

With the increased popularity of electronic cigarettes, the sale of e-liquid or e-juice has also increased.  Many electronic cigarette brands sell pre-filled e-liquid cartridges for customer safety and ease of use.  However, many people purchase e-liquid separately for more control over what they are inhaling and to decrease the cost of using electronic cigarettes.


What Is E-liquid?

E-liquid is a nicotine based liquid that carries nicotine to the user of an electronic cigarette when the liquid is heated. This liquid is contained in pre-filled cartridges or purchased in bottles.  All e-liquid contains the following components:

  • Mixing ingredients in a test tubeNicotine: natural addictive chemical released from tobacco leaves. The nicotine is distilled from the leaves to produce the highest purity levels.
  • Flavoring: when nicotine is removed from the tobacco leaves, there is no longer any flavor to the nicotine, so flavor needs to be added to the nicotine liquid. E-liquid comes in a wide variety of flavors usually made with the same flavorings used in foods and candies.
  • Diluents: these additives dilute the nicotine and flavor mixture to reach the strength desired. The diluents also produce the vapor that transports the nicotine and flavor to the electronic cigarette user. The most common diluents are water, propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG).  Both food-grade PG and VG are common food and pharmaceutical additives. E-liquids may contain only PG, only VG or a combination of the two.

E-liquid brands vary in flavor, consistency, throat hit (sensation felt at the back of the throat) and nicotine concentration.


Dangers of Liquid Nicotine

Most e-liquid contains liquid nicotine.  Below is a list of dangers cause by nicotine, especially in liquid form*:

  • Classified as a poison
  • Absorbed into the body when swallowed, inhaled or comes into contact with the skin
  • Addictive chemical
  • Effects the nervous system and the heart
  • Combustible when exposed to heat or flames
  • Increases heart rate and blood pressure
  • Irritation and redness of the eyes when exposed to vapor
  • Causes vomiting, abdominal pain, rapid breathing, headache, confusion during early stage of nicotine poisoning (Call 911 if these symptoms occur before symptoms become more severe
  • Irritation and redness to the skin)
  • Cause death after severe exposure

* Read more about nicotine dangers and emergency response safety.


E-liquid Handling Guidelines

When using e-liquid, handle with care and keep in mind these guidelines:Brown glass bottles with droppers

  • Keep cartridges and e-liquid bottles away from children and animals at all times**
  • Lock up bottles and cartridges when not in use if children come into or live in your home**
  • Do not let anyone under the age of 18 handle e-liquid
  • Do not drink, ingest, eat, swallow, taste, inject or soak you skin in e-liquid
  • Wear non porous gloves if possible when handling e-liquid
  • Never allow the e-liquid to touch your skin because the nicotine will be absorbed by your skin
  • Wash skin immediately with soap and water for several minutes when e-liquid comes in contact with your skin and contract poison control
  • Keep e-liquid away from direct sunlight, heat and fire because many of its ingredients are highly flammable
  • Store e-liquid in a cool, dry and dark place to retain flavor and prevent spoilage of the ingredients
  • Clean up spills wearing non porous gloves and dispose of contaminated materials properly
  • Treat e-liquid contaminated items as toxic waste and contact your local authority for proper disposal of items

Note: We do not guarantee your safety even if you follow these guidelines.

**A small amount of e-liquid can cause severe harm, health issues or death to children and animals.  Seek medical assistance immediately if ingested by a child or animal.

There are many places online to purchase e-liquid made overseas and in the USA.  Some bottles come in child resistant packaging with warnings on the label.  Please be sure follow the guidelines above when handling e-liquid and do not leave it inside your car during hot weather.


Seeds of Wellness carries DuraSmoke e-juice and eVo E-liquid, a high quality American made e-liquid, by Nicopure Labs.  The plastic bottles are child resistant and Batch Code Tracking for safety. Go to our web page to learn more about eVo E-liquids and DuraSmoke e-juice.

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Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil?

People ask for essential oils, but most of the time they actually are looking for fragrance oils. Both oils come in a variety of scents, but how the oil is made and how it is used is different.

Lavender plantsWhen flowers, herbs, roots, etc. are distilled with no carrier oil added, the resulting products are called genuine essential oils. Because these oils are pure distillations, they can be very expensive due to the large amount of plants needed to produce a small amount of oil. This is especially true for some essential oils that can be added to food or beverages. Also, natural does not mean they are 100% safe. The affects on the body can be both good and bad, so it is important to learn about the herbs and oils you are using. While these oils can be expense, a little oil goes a long way since they are very concentrated. Therefore, the oils need to be diluted before using them either in water or a neutral oil like olive, almond or grapeseed oil.

Fragrance oils, on the other hand, are not as expensive as essential oils because they are almost always synthetic and may not contain true floral or herbal essence. Some fragrance oils are a blend of essential and carrier oils, but the concentration of the essential oil varies from brand to brand and scent to scent. While some fragrance oils can be used on the skin, hair and some craft items, their sole purpose is to produce an aroma.

doTerra Essential OilsUnlike essential oils, fragrance oils have a consistent aroma and are not affected by climate, season or location of the raw materials. However, the ingredients included in fragrance oils do not have to be disclosed to the public. Therefore, if you are sensitive to fragrances and/or certain chemicals, you are more likely to have a negative reaction to fragrance oils than essential oils. Due to being copies and mimics of natural scents, fragrance oils have no health benefits and do not dissolve well in water.

If you are looking for oils just for their aroma, fragrance oils are the best choice. The aroma lasts longer, and it is less expensive. If you are looking for oils for aromatherapy, therapeutic reasons or you are chemical sensitive, essential oils are your choice.

Seeds of Wellness carries doTERRA certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Choose from a selection of oils, single and special blends, to care for your family’s everyday health needs. Interested in ordering doTERRA oils? Go to our Essential Wellness Store.

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Homeopathic Medication – What is it?

More than 200 years old, homeopathy is based on the idea that specific natural substances are able to stimulate the body’s healing mechanisms, resulting in self healing. Although homeopathy is the second most used form of medicine worldwide, allopathic or traditional medicine is most common in the U.S.


What is homeopathyThe foundation of homeopathy is “like treats like and less is more.” To prevent causing or increasing symptoms, the ingredients are highly diluted to remind the body to heal itself. Vaccination and allergy shots are a form of homeopathy. As long as the right homeopathic remedy is taken, healing will occur. It can take time to find the natural ingredients that match all the symptoms and promote healing within the body.



Homeopathy is safe and normally based on natural ingredients. It works in harmony with the body and is not addictive. Once relief is felt, the treatment is stopped because homeopathy addresses the cause, not the symptoms. Homeopathic medications are safe for ages 2 and up.

It is recommended that children under 2 years old and women who are pregnant or nursing consult a health care professional before starting a homeopathic medication.



Homeopathic medicines are prepared and marketed in accordance with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Compliance Policy Guide No. 7132.15. Manufacturers of homeopathic medicines are registered with the FDA and licensed by state regulatory agencies.

Homeopathic products are required legally to tell you the benefits and indications of such products, unlike supplements which cannot. The FDA does require that homeopathic remedies meet certain legal standards for strength, purity, and packaging. Only products for self-limiting conditions (minor health problems like a cold or headache that go away on their own) can be sold without a prescription. Most natural products and vitamins are not FDA-Regulated.

Sprayology productsHomeopathic medication treats the whole person unlike traditional medication. Many natural ingredients treat a variety of symptoms. However, no one knows exactly how homeopathy works. Some homeopathic medications work quickly, while others require regular use before healing is noticed.


Seeds of Wellness carries homeopathic medications made by Sprayology to their store. These sprays are FDA-regulated, doctor formulated and work faster and more completely than pills. Since you spray them under your tongue, they are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. Stop in or call to learn more about homeopathic oral sprays by Sprayology.

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Reiki.. What Is It? How Does it Heal?

Reiki is an alternative form of healing known as energy work. People who practice any form of meditation or prayer can attest to the subtle energy they may feel flowing through them. Ancient knowledge tells of a life force, or Chi that flows through us, and science is now beginning to understand that this force is tangible and indeed does exist. Reiki is similar to Tai Chi, in that it works with the human energy field. Chi and Ki mean the same thing. Energy. Feng Shui also works along these same principles.

Blocked energy can result in back painOur bodies are comprised of physical elements as well as an energy system that allows the life force to flow thru us, allowing us to feel and think. This energy system, known as chakras, acts as regulators and allows the energy to flow freely through our spiritual, emotional and physical being. There are seven major chakras, starting with our crown, and ending with our tailbones. These are the energy centers we focus on with Reiki. When we have a disease, illness or stress, our chakras become out of balance. Reiki puts the balance back into the chakras, allowing the body to heal itself.

Stress is one of the main causes of energy to be blocked, causing all sorts of problems from low back pain to headaches. The use of Reiki can greatly increase the body’s ability to deal with stress, helping to prevent and alleviate disease. The Cleveland Clinic is currently conducting studies on the use of Reiki in dealing with stress, as well as studying the affects of Reiki on prostate cancer.

Healing with Reiki involves the practitioner placing hands on the chakras, or on the area of discomfort to transmit subtle energy into the affected persons energy system. The process allow the reduction of stress, allowing the energy balance to be restored. During the treatment, the recipient may feel a lot of comforting heat or a gentle vibration. This makes the recipient feel relaxed and at peace, and it is not uncommon for the person to drift into a meditative state or drift off to “sleep”, waking refreshed and and usually pain free. The full body treatments generally last up to a week. “Spot” treatments have also proven to be successful, but full body treatments are recommended to bring balance to the whole person.

Reiki helps your body get back into balanceSome of the benefits of Reiki are:

  • Accelerates the healing process
  • Removes toxins from the body
  • Helps bring relaxation, promoting healing
  • Increases the flow of energy
  • Alleviates pain
  • Brings emotional and spiritual balance
  • Brings a sense of peace and well being
  • Assists in tolerating treatments such as chemotherapy

(Information from Gina Tatsumi, Reiki Master –

Reiki is also performed on animals to help balance their energy and promote healing with their body. They experience the same benefits as we do from Reiki treatments.

Seeds of Wellness offers Reiki treatments for people and animals. Please go to our News page to learn when Reiki is offered and how you can sign up for a session for yourself or your pet.

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Healing with Tuning Forks

Tuning ForkFor centuries, many cultures used sound in their healing practices. Our bodies respond to sound both physically and energetically. Like musical instruments, your body can become out of tune / balance. Tuning forks provide a way to bring the body back into harmony by altering your body’s biochemistry. This brings your nervous system, muscle tone and organs into balance within seconds while allowing your body to enter a deep state of relaxation.

When a tuning fork is struck, the air around the fork vibrates and sends out vibrating pulses. These pulses stimulate the body and promote healing. Read more about sound healing at HarmonicSounds.


Who Uses Tuning Forks?

Many practitioners in the Healing Arts use tuning forks for balance and harmony within the body and enhance the healing effects of other energy therapies they may be using. These practitioners can also be involved in one or more of the following:Man receiving a massage

  • Hypnosis
  • Massage
  • Meditation
  • Polarity therapist
  • Psychotherapy
  • Reiki
  • Sports rehabilitation
  • Yoga


What Are the Benefits of Tuning Forks?

  • Enhances other therapies like massage, acupressure, dream work and meditation
  • Brings balance to your nervous system
  • Increases blood flow to speed healing
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves your physical energy and mental concentration
  • Enhances immune system
  • Refines your sonic abilities
  • Promotes a deep state of relaxation
  • Removes energy and emotional blockages
  • Increases mental clarity and brain functioning by integrating left and right brain thought patterns

Greg Kendzior, LMTRead more about the benefits of tuning forks.



Experience the benefits of tuning forks for yourself at Seeds of Wellness. Greg Kendzior, LMT, provides massage, Reiki and tuning fork therapy at our store once a month.  As a certified Tuning Fork Therapist for 15 years, Greg uses a series of 9 tuning forks during a tuning fork therapy session. Go to our News page or call us to find out when he will be at Seeds of Wellness.

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It’s Tough to Get Old – Mystic’s Struggles

I was writing a blog about pendulums for this month, but with the latest problems Mystic, our four-legged employee, is having, I decided to let you know about her struggles instead. I will complete the pendulum blog later in the month, so watch our website for the post after October 19.

Seeds of Wellness dog, MysticOn Monday, September 30, 2013, Mystic couldn’t get up. I put a sling under her belly to help her stand up and support her as she walked in order for her to go outside that morning.  Watching her struggle and silently deal with pain made my heart cry.

Mystic ruptured a ligament in her left knee about two month prior to this, so Lynne and I feared that her knee would no longer support her 67 lb. body. Of course, Seeds of Wellness didn’t open that day since we focused all our energy and attention on Mystic. As soon as the doctor’s office opened, I called for the earliest appointment. Getting her into the car was easy, but getting her out was another story.

Several vet techs came to the car to see how they could help Mystic get out without hurting her. Luckily, my Honda Fit’s back seats fold up, which allow Mystic to lie on the floor of the car. Having more room to move around, allowed the vet techs to get the sling under Mystic, lift up her back legs and get her out one of the doors. I laughed to myself as I watched her look behind her body at the sling and vet tech while her front legs moved her forward without her back legs touching the ground. It was obvious that she didn’t know what to make of this situation.

Nervously, Lynne and I sat waiting for the vet. Lynne was sick all night and still not feeling well, so this kept her mind off her own issues. The vet tech put a large black foam cushion down on the floor for Mystic to lie on instead of the slippery tile. During the exam the vet tech tried to hold her down while the doctor manipulated her hips and legs.

Mystic’s pain became obvious when she nipped at the vet tech while struggling to get away. For the first time, Mystic had to be muzzled. I kept my tears back as I watched the vet tech hold her down while the doctor continued to move her back left leg, knee and hip. They lifted her up with the sling to see how much weight she could support, watch her gate as she walked and check her ability to feel her paw placement.

The one thing the doctor knew for sure, the inflammation in Mystic’s left knee and hip didn’t allow her to put any weight on the leg. Mystic’s other back leg didn’t have the strength to completely support her as she stood or walked. Everyone decided to have Mystic stay there for pain treatment and to be evaluated in the morning by her main doctor, who didn’t work on Mondays.

Mystic at Seeds of Wellness
Later in the day, I called to see if there was any change, but there wasn’t. Mystic was receiving ice treatments on her back hip and knee and given an inflammation and pain medication. Due to Mystic’s seizure and thyroid issues, the medications available for her are limited.

Tuesday morning I received a call from her main doctor. Mystic showed some improvement, but still needed help to stand with the sling and supported when walking long distances. To help Mystic get back on her feet, the vet suggested Adequan injections, to reduce the inflammation and arthritic pain in Mystic’s left hip due to the hip dysplasia. The injections also promote cartilage formation to help increase healing. With Mystic’s limited mobility, continuation of the ice treatments and the Adequan injection, she stayed at the vets another day.

The afternoon phone call came with encouragement. Mystic was walking short distances with no support and improved mobility. She still needed help getting up, however. Her doctor also added Vetri-E.N.S.E.D., a natural herbal supplement for pain, inflammation, mobility and flexibility, to her medication list.  This news helps lift my spirit. By now I missed Mystic so much and felt lost without her. Even the store felt empty and lifeless to me.

By Wednesday morning, I couldn’t wait to call the doctor to see if Mystic could come home. I drove there as quickly as possible and felt so much joy in the examination room that I started to cry. They couldn’t bring Mystic in fast enough, and from the other side of the door; I could tell that they were having a hard time holding her back. My heart skipped a beat when I saw one vet tech holding Mystic’s lease while another supported her back legs with the sling. “Oh no, am I doing the right thing?” I asked myself as I knelt down to pet and hug Mystic.

The joy in Mystic’s eyes when she saw me washed all doubts away. The vet’s slippery tile floors made it difficult for her to walk to the car even with the support of the sling. Once in the car, she quickly settled in for the ride.

Mystic at Seeds of WellnessWe arrived at Seeds of Wellness, parked by the door and I prayed that I could get Mystic out of the car. By the time I got to the passenger door, she was already sitting up and waiting for me to open it. Using the sling, I got her easily out of the car, into the store and back by the water dish. Since she was standing without much support from the sling, I removed it and headed out of the store to bring in the rest of the items.

Surprise! I opened the store door and Mystic was looking up at me. She slowly got up to let me into the store and get ready for the day. Our normal routine included going over to the liquor store for treats and the mail. Mystic easily followed me and even tried to run. I took the sling with me in case she needed help and smiled as she received her treats and plenty of love.

I did use the sling to help her up, and we headed back to Seeds of Wellness. The warm weather allowed me to keep the front door open. Mystic quickly laid on the cool sidewalk enjoying the freedom from the vet kennel. I knew she would be fine when I realized she got up and walked over to the liquor store for more treats by herself. I found her behind the counter, lying near the treat bag.

The owner of the liquor store said, “Mystic has us all hoodwinked into thinking she can’t walk. This is her second time in here for treats.”

I didn’t even know she had snuck over there before this because she came back to the front of the store so quickly. Any doubts I had about her quality of life were gone now.

The Adequan shots continue once a week for four weeks. The pain and inflammation medication is taken as needed, which so far means daily. Vetri-E.N.S.E.D is now part of Mystic’s normal medication routine. She continues to get stronger, but the doctor said there will always be a limp and problems with the left leg.

I will continue to do what I can within my financial limitations for Mystic’s quality of life. At 12 years old, I know that Mystic’s health will someday require me to make a decision. Until then, I hope all of you enjoy seeing Mystic at Seeds of Wellness. You may have to go to her to say hello since her main activity now is sleeping.

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