Balancing Your Pet’s Energy Chakras Using a Pendulum

There are several ways to balance your pet’s energy. These instructions help you balance your pet’s chakras, energy centers in the body, using a pendulum. This process does not completely heal your pet, but it will help remove dis-ease from their chakras. By putting your pet’s energy in balance, your pet’s physical body’s ability to heal itself increases. Your pet also feels an overall sense of well-being.


Meaning of the Pendulum Swings

When the pendulum swings counter-clockwise, it is removing blocked or negative energy from the area below the pendulum.

If the pendulum swings clockwise, positive and healing energy is being channeled to the area below the pendulum to restore balance.

When the pendulum does not swing, the energy in the area below the pendulum is in balance.


Energy Balancing Instructions

Complete the following steps in a quiet location where your pet can relax. Your pet may sit, stand or lay down while you balance their energy. This process will not hurt your pet. Your pet may fall asleep during or after their chakra balancing.
How to hold pendulum
Most people hold the top of the pendulum chain (bead or fob) between their thumb and forefinger. Always hold the pendulum approximately 1- 2 inches above your pet.

  1.  1. Hold the pendulum above the tail
  2.  2. Move the pendulum from the tail towards your pet’s nose by following the spine
  3.  3. Stop moving the pendulum when you go past the entire body (This opens your pet’s energy centers)
  4.  4. Starting at your pet’s nose, move the pendulum slowly towards the tail
  5.  5. Stop moving the pendulum when it starts to swing
  6.  6. Allow the pendulum to swing over the area until it stops (if the swing was counter-clockwise, complete steps 7 through 10. If the swing was clockwise, go to step 11.)
  7.  7. Move the pendulum off your pet
  8.  8. Gently shake the pendulum
  9.  9. Return the pendulum to the last area where the swinging occurred
  10. 10. Allow the pendulum to swing until it stops
  11. 11. Repeat steps 4 through 10 until you have reached your pet’s tail without the pendulum swinging

Your pet’s energy and chakras are now in balance. You can balance your pet’s energy as often as you feel necessary.

If you notice any signs of distress during the steps – trying to leave, baring their teeth, raising hair on their back or other warning signs pause or stop the balancing session. Allow your pet to calm down or fall asleep before trying to balance their energy again. After several balancing sessions, your pet may become use to the process and may show signs of enjoyment or lying down when seeing you with your pendulum.

Note: The balancing of your pet’s energy should not be used as an alternative to veterinary medicine, but as a way to enhance your pet’s quality of life and well-being. If you are concerned about your pet’s health, please contact your veterinarian.

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Benefits of Balancing Your Pet’s Chakras

Like humans, your pet will show behavior and emotional changes when their chakras are not in balance. After balancing their energy two or more times, you may notice the following changes:

  • Relaxed and calmer
  • Reduced anxiety, nervousness and stress
  • Increased happiness and energy
  • Easier ability to adapt to their environment
  • Better training sessions
  • Faster recovery from illness, surgery or minor health issues

These are only a few benefits you might notice in your pet after one or more balancing sessions.

You can balance your pet’s chakras at any age. In time you will notice when your pet’s energy is out of balance. If you are not comfortable balancing your pet’s chakras, look for a Reiki Master in your area who works with animals.

At Seeds of Wellness, we sell handmade gemstone pendulums and work with your pets using Reiki and pendulums to help balance their chakras. Both owners, Lynne Hamilton and Brenda Mayo, are Reiki Masters and willing to help your pet. Please give us a call for more information or to set up a balancing session for your pet.


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