Cleaning Your Electronic Cigarette Battery

Premium Vapes electronic cigarette batteriesHave you looked at your electronic cigarette battery lately? If you have been using your electronic cigarette for several weeks and noticed you are not receiving the same performance from it that you did when you first got the kit, you may need to clean any build up that may have occurred on the end of the battery.

Seeds of Wellness and Premium Vapes electronic cigarettes suggest that you clean the battery occasionally to ensure it is working properly. You will need rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip to clean your battery. Follow these steps when cleaning your battery:

  • Hold the battery upright (with the LED light pointing up) to ensure no alcohol goes inside the battery
  • Dip a Q-tip in rubbing alcohol
  • Squeeze the Q-tip to remove the excess liquid
  • Gently rub the threads at the bottom of the battery to help remove build-up
  • Look for the 2 tiny holes under the threads
  • Gently poke through the holes to remove any build-up to increase the airflow

You can purchase a cleaning kit for $1.00 at Seeds of Wellness. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 440-933-7733.

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