Cleansing, Testing and Using a Pendulum

In last month’s blog, we talked about what a pendulum can tell you and how it works. Due to the limited number of movements a pendulum can make, it answers questions phrased for a yes or no response. But how do you actually use a pendulum?


Cleansing the Pendulum

Before using your pendulum for the first time, you should cleanse it because crystals and natural gemstones absorb the energy around them and can hold this energy for a long time. Listed below are several ways to cleanse your pendulum:

  • Smudge with sage, cedar or other herbs by passing the pendulum through the smoke
  • Store pendulum in a pouch or container with Citrine (a self-cleansing gemstone) and leave undisturbed for 24 hours
  • Place the pendulum in direct sunlight in the morning or late afternoon for up to 4 hours (Note: fluorite and amethyst will lose their color when exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.)
  • Place on a windowsill or outside during a full moon and let it sit overnight.

Cleanse your pendulum periodically after your initial cleansing, especially if your pendulum is not reacting to your questions, giving inaccurate responses or has been handled by several people.

To learn more, please go to Ask Your Pendulum.


What to Do Before Asking Your Questions

How to hold pendulumThe pendulum’s chain varies in length, so there is a variety of ways you can hold it. Most people hold the top of the chain (bead or fob) between their thumb and forefinger. No matter how you hold the pendulum’s chain, you always want at least 2-3 inches of chain between your fingers and the weight.

Many people like to steady their arm by placing their elbow on a solid surface or at the side of their body. Keep your elbow bent and arch you wrist slightly to let the pendulum dangle without interference from your arm or other items.

Before asking any questions, clear you mind of worries, your future plans, what happened during your day, etc. Do your best to be in the present and most importantly “relax”.  Stay focused on the pendulum and avoid outside distractions like the TV, computer and cell phone. If you have any hunch, feeling or desire for a particular answer, you must get it out of your mind before asking the question in order for the pendulum to answer accurately.

Establish the signals for “yes”, “no” and “maybe” by asking the pendulum to show you each one. For example: say to your pendulum out loud or to yourself, “Please show me yes”. Notice the direction the pendulum swings in response to your statement. Touch the pendulum to the palm of your free hand or another surface to show the pendulum that you are finished with that statement. Do the same for “no” and “maybe”.


Testing the Pendulum for Accuracy

To be sure the pendulum is giving you accurate answers; you should first test the pendulum. This is done by saying a true statement like, “My name is ___.” And then a false statement like, “I love ____.” Be sure to touch the pendulum to the palm of your free hand or another surface before asking each question. If you are not getting the correct responses, cleanse the pendulum and keep it with you or near you as much as possible for a couple of weeks.

Ask the pendulum to show you the signals again and test it once more for accurate answers. You can also ask the pendulum, “Will you work with me today”. If the answer is no, then the pendulum will not give you accurate answers. Inaccurate answers can also be cause by being tired, not being able to focus your mind and stop thinking about other things or being too close to electronics like computers, TVs, microwaves, etc.

Some pendulum users feel it is important to say the following before asking questions or making statements to be sure the answers are not just coming from their subconscious:

I call upon the higher self to answer these questions. I seek only absolutely truthful answers, which are aligned with the highest and greatest good for all concerned. (from Ask Your Pendulum)”

How you phrase the statement for yourself is up to you. The purpose is to tap into your intuition or higher self. This statement can also help clear and focus your mind.


Getting Answers

After testing your pendulum and receiving accurate answers, you are now ready to ask it your questions or make statements by saying them aloud or mentally. Make sure you phrase your questions or statements as specifically as you can while keeping to a yes or no answer. It is best to avoid words like “should” and “suppose to”.

Concentrate on your question, not the answer you think or want to receive. The pendulum may not give you an answer right away, so be patient. If the pendulum doesn’t move after several minutes, rephrase the question.

If you would like a clearer response, say, “please be clearer” or “respond louder please”. The wider the pendulum swings, the more accurate the answer it is giving.

Before asking your next question, clear the pendulum by touching the palm of your free hand or another surface.


Ending the Session

Handmade PendulumsSome people like to thank their pendulum after the last question. How you end the session is entirely up to you.

When you are not using your pendulum, it is best to protect it by placing it in a pouch, box or other safe location. You can also wear it as a necklace. This helps the pendulum attune to your energy.

For more information about how to use a pendulum, go to the following links:

Stop into Seeds of Wellness and check out the handmade pendulums using a variety of gemstones. We can also wire wrap any stone to be used as a pendulum and custom make beaded chains as well.


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