Electronic Cigarettes?

Should you consider trying an electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes are not marketed as a quit smoking device. They are an alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. Unlike other smoking alternatives – electronic cigarettes perform like a regular cigarette without the flame, ash, tar, tobacco, or known carcinogens.

Premium Vapes Electronic CigarettesMost electronic cigarettes have a rechargeable battery, atomizer, cartridge and e-liquid containing water, flavoring, propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin. The strength of nicotine in the e-liquid varies. The battery heats the atomizer, which converts the e-liquid in the cartridge into a vapor as the user inhales on the cartridge. The propylene glycol turns the vapor white, so the user sees it as they exhale.

The electronic cigarette will come in three or two parts. The three part system has the battery, atomizer, and cartridge as separate parts. The user attaches the atomizer to the battery and the cartridge to the atomizer. After purchasing the kit, the user buys the atomizer and cartridges as they need them. The two part system incorporates the atomizer and the cartridge. The user screws the cartridge containing the atomizer and e-liquid onto the battery. After purchasing the kit, the user buys the refill cartridges or e-liquid depending on the type of electronic cigarette purchased.

eGo battery and clearomizersBefore purchasing a starter kit, I recommend researching the different brands online and compare the two system types to see which one will work best for you. A good website to start with is E-Cigarette Forum and Electronic Cigarette Nation.

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Our gift store, Seed of Wellness, provides gifts for the body, mind and soul. We specialize in electronic cigarettes, vaping accessories, essential oils, homeopathic oral sprays, aromatherapy candles, incense and handmade gifts by local artisans.
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