How Hot Is It? Safety Tips to Stay Cool

It is so hot I wouldn’t be surprised if we could cook on our car hoods and truck tailgates.

We hope that everyone has air conditioning or somewhere to go when the heat and humidity is too much. Please don’t forget about the elders and ailing loved ones and of course, your pets.

Tips to deal with the heatHere are some heat safety tips:

It is very important to increase your fluid intake in this heat. When doing heavy exercise outside or in a hot place, make sure you drink at least a bottle of cool water every hour. Very cold beverages can cause stomach cramps, so avoid adding too much ice if you are sweating or doing heavy exercise.

Drink fruit juice or sports beverages during exercise in the heat. When you sweat, salts and minerals are removed from the body, which your body needs for optimum health. Do not use salt tablets without your doctor’s directions

Slow down. Reduce strenuous exercise or reschedule to the cooler times of the day. Start slowly and gradually increase the pace to allow your body to get use to the heat. Stop all activity when your heart starts pounding, you are short or gasping for breath, feel light headed or weak and get to cool or shady location as soon as possible. Note: electric fans alone do not prevent heat-related illness.

How to make sun teaTo read more about heat safety tips, heat-related symptoms and what to do in case of a heat-related emergency, please click here.

For a cooling summer drink, place 8 tea bags of your favorite tea in 2 quarts of hot water. Let it sit in a sunny location for 3 to 5 hours. Taste once in awhile to check the flavor. When at the desired strength, place the container in the refrigerator. Add lemon and/or orange slices, berries, mint, etc. different flavor combinations depending on the tea.

Stop into Seeds of Wellness and check out the two leaves and a bud teas. Due to their stronger flavor, you may want to use only 6 tea bags instead of 8 to make your ice tea.

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