Metaphysical Properties of Chalcopyrite (Peacock Ore)

Chalcopyrite (kal-co-pie-right), aka Peacock Ore, attracts attention with its blue, purple, green, red and/or gold metallic luster. For centuries, chalcopyrite has been the primary source of copper. Due to chalcopyrite’s main component, copper iron sulfide, it oxidizes to a dull grey-green color, so acid is used to bring out the hidden colors in the ore. Therefore, this stone should not be left in a bowl of water.

Chalcopyrite/Peacock Ore

Mineral vs. Gemstone – What Is the Difference?

Minerals “occur naturally in the earth’s crust and are defined as inorganic solids that have characteristic chemical composition and crystalline structures”* To put it simply, minerals form when molten rock (magma) cools or by water in caverns under the sea.

Therefore, almost all stones and rocks are minerals with some exceptions like lapis lazuli, amber, coral, jade, opal, pearl and jet, which were produced by an organic process. “Minerals are identified by seven properties i.e., color, luster, hardness, streak, cleavage, fracture, and crystal form.”*

Stones cut, polished and used as jewelry because of their beauty are mineral crystals categorized as gemstones. The value of these stones depend on the hardness, clarity, color, size and rarity. To learn more gemstones, visit our blog post, “Differences in Gemstones”.

What Are the Metaphysical Properties of Peacock Ore?

Known as the “tonic stone”, chalcopyrite gives a quick uplift when your energy is low and increases vitality. You can also use this ore to decrease confusion and disorientation. Other abilities of peacock ore include the following:

Chalcopyrite also known as Peacock Ore

  • Remove negative energy blockages within the chakras
  • Activates mostly the higher chakras (crown and third eye)
  • Heighten perception
  • Increases happiness, joy and self-esteem
  • Enhances our life force energy to stimulate cellular energy
  • Helps heal viruses, bacterial infections and fever
  • Improves ability to reach and maintain a meditative state
  • Grounds and smooths the energy flow in our body
  • Helps you find missing or lost items
  • Provides protection to energy healers during their healing sessions
  • Shields you when having a prolonged or lengthy medical treatments
  • Helps attract money and abundance
  • Decreases feelings of guilt and judgment
  • Stimulates creativity and new ideas

Chalcopyrite can be used in different ways. One way is to hold it in your hand as you meditate because it helps clear your mind and strengthens your connection to the universe and mystical realms. As part of a healing grid, peacock ore cleanses, activates and balances the chakras to improve your bodies ability to heal itself. Wearing the ore as jewelry or putting it in your pocket helps protect you from evil influences and illness as well as increase your positive energy and happiness.

Seeds of Wellness now carries chalcopyrite (peacock ore) from Mexico. Stop in to see this ore and several new gemstones we purchased recently.

*What’s the difference between a mineral and a gemstone?” on Elegant Fused Glass

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