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Seeds of Wellness Blog

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How Gratitude Can Improve Your Life
Why is it important that we experience gratitude more than once or twice a year? Continue reading →
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Bayberry Candle Christmas and New Year’s Eve Tradition
Giving and lighting a bayberry candle on Christmas Eve and/or New Year’s Eve has been a long time American tradition. The history dates back to colonial times. Continue reading →
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Auras – What Are They?
Everyone can learn to see, feel and sense auras to some extent. Auras surround living and non-living items, but are stronger around living things. Continue reading →
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Cartomancy: Divination with Playing Cards
Almost everyone has heard of Tarot Decks and Tarot readers. But do you know that you can also do divination using traditional playing cards? Continue reading →
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Do You Have Psychometry Abilities?
Like all abilities, some of us are better at a skill than others. However, we can improve our abilities through practice. What are psychometry abilities? Continue reading →
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What Is Scrying?
Scrying is an ancient art that helps you receive visual information about the past, present and future. Continue reading →
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