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Seeds of Wellness Blog

Aromatherapy Candles vs. Scented Candles
Many people think candles are either scented or unscented. However, there are two different types of scented candles. Continue reading →
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What Makes Whole-Leaf Tea Better?
Whole-leaf or loose leaf tea refers to the size of the tea leaves. The main difference between whole-leaf tea and the typical tea bag is the size of the leaf. Continue reading →
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What Is Handwriting Analysis?
When you hand write a note, your personality at that time is expressed through your handwriting. A Handwriting Analyst looks for specific features to determine your personality traits. Continue reading →
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E-liquid Guidelines and Safety
With the increased popularity of electronic cigarettes, the sale of e-liquid has also increased. When using e-liquid, handle with care and follow safety guidelines. Continue reading →
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