Purpose of Animal Guides

Native Americans and many other cultures honor and respect the earth, nature and animals. Through their connection with Mother Earth, they recognized the power of spirit guides and their teachings because they believe the spirit of the Great Spirit (God) is in all things. These teachings can be seen in the Native American medicine wheel in the way they incorporate colors, animals and nature lessons for each direction.

For centuries, Native Americans looked at animals as teachers, guides and guardians of the land. Each animal has unique gifts given to them by the Great Spirit. These gifts help Animal Guides (also called animal totems and power animals) offer protection and teachings to help guide us as we walk our spiritual path. Animal Guides also offer insights into our subconscious mind by bringing attention to qualities in our current spiritual path that need to be explored and developed.

Animal Guide walking ahead on our path
Each of us has one main Animal Guide that represents our inner self. However, each direction of the medicine wheel is represented by a personal Animal Guide to help teach us the direction’s lessons. These Animal Guides can be used as spiritual tools to help us become aware of our personal path. As we go through our lives and our spiritual paths change, our Animal Guides may also change to offer guidance for our new life path challenges.

Learn about your Animal Guides and their lessons for you at Seeds of Wellness. Brenda Mayo teaches you about your Animal Guides and their guidance for each direction of the Seneca medicine wheel. You can choose to learn about five or all seven of your Animal Guides. After the reading, you will receive your Animal Guide teachings, so you can explore them further. Call Seeds of Wellness to make an appointment for an Animal Guide Reading.

Note: An Animal Guide Reading is for entertainment purposes only, and you must be 18 or older.

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