Releasing Negativity Helps Improve Your Health

How many times a day do you call yourself or others stupid, ugly, clumsy, worthless, etc.? Unfortunately, our world is full of negativity, criticism and judgments. The results can cause one or more of the following negative emotions within you: anger, anxiety, conflict, grief, hatred, humiliation, isolation, jealousy and/or worthlessness.

Negative thoughts can cause illnessThese negative feelings have little affect on you if they last less than 24 hours but what if they last days, weeks, months or longer. Stress and negative emotions produce the hormones adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones cause inflammation within your body resulting in headaches, stomach aches, muscle soreness and other symptoms. Studies have even shown links to physical issues like dementia, heart disease and stroke.*

What do these negative emotions do to your mental state? One well known symptom is depression. Addictions to smoking, alcohol, pain medications, etc. could start because they may help you feel better, but over time you may need more and more of them to get the same feeling. Negative emotions and thoughts can also result in anxiety and/or panic attacks.

What you may not realize is that your world is created by your thoughts. Your subconscious mind records your thought as fact and sends this information to your quantum mind, which manifests your reality.

“Having said this, it is still our thoughts that create reality, and if we have negative thoughts that we think every day, those thoughts are going to manifest. Now, they might not manifest exactly as we think them, but negative thoughts always manifest in some sort of negativity. In other words, thinking negative thoughts about your neighbor may not result in a negative experience with your neighbor, unless he is on the same vibrational page, but those negative thoughts may manifest in car problems or issues at work, for example. We might not make the connection between our thinking and the events in our lives but negative thinking always begets negative experiences. This is the law of attraction, and it works regardless of if we understand how it works or not.”**

So how do you end the negative thinking and emotions? The answer is retrain your mind to become a powerful positive thinker. This can be done by doing one or more of the following items**:
Change your negative thinking to positive

  • Practice letting go of negative thoughts – don’t focus or fight with them.
  • Turn the negative to positive – by flipping the thoughts around, the positive thoughts will increase until there is little or no negative thoughts to flip.
  • Focus on solutions – instead of focusing on the issue, look for a solution.
  • Take responsibility – by separating yourself from your thoughts, your thoughts will lose power over time.
  • Drop your “buts” – when you say but, you change a positive to a negative
  • Be kind – changing your thoughts to positive takes time, so be kind, loving and patient with yourself.

Read more about these and other solutions to becoming a positive thinker in the source, “Negative Thinking: The Number One Cause of Depression and How to Overcome It”.

*“Can Negative Thinking Make Me Sick?” by Health
** “Negative Thinking: The Number One Cause of Chronic Depression and How to Overcome It” by


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