What Is Handwriting Analysis?

With all the CSI dramas on TV, many of us have seen forensic analysis done on a hand written note found at the scene, signature on a document or ransom note given to someone. In these cases, the handwriting is compared to a known sample by a specific person. However, this is not the only form of handwriting analysis.

Handwriting analysis, also known as Graphology, began in the 1870s by a group of French clerics. Over the years multiple scientific research projects have studied the correlation between our brain and our handwriting. The science of handwriting is still being researched and expanded today. Besides being used in forensics, handwriting analysis is also used in counseling, business, jury screening, substance abuse tests to name a few.

What can our handwriting tell us about ourselves?

Handwriting reveals many things about a personWhen you hand write your signature, a note or any other type of communication, your personality is expressed through your handwriting. Over 5,000 different personality traits can be found in our handwriting. Of course, your personal handwriting would not contain all of these traits. Some of the personality traits found include fears, social abilities, emotional state, self-confidence and leadership skills.

The personality traits reflected in your handwriting apply to the time at which you wrote the sample. Like us, our handwriting changes depending on our environment, emotional state and how we are feeling physically while writing the note. However, handwriting analysis is not a form of fortune telling, can not predict the future, does not solve problems or tell the age or sex of the writer.


How can handwriting express our personality?

A Handwriting Analyst or Graphologist looks for over 300 different features in your handwriting including the following: Number of handwriting features to analyze

  • How you slant your letters
  • Size of your overall writing and of your loops
  • Legibility of your handwriting
  • How hard you press as you write
  • Alignment of your sentence to the page
  • Spacing of your letters and words

The following are examples of handwriting feature and corresponding personality traits:

  • Slant letters to the right (//) – like to socialize
  • Slant letters to the left (\\) – like to work alone or behind the scenes
  • No slant (||) – logical and practical person that guards your emotions
  • Heavy pressure – strong emotions
  • Light pressure – not very emotional or withdrawn

The features alone are not important. It is the combination of the features and how they interact with each other that provides the Graphologist information about your personality. To get a better understand of handwriting analysis read what the handwriting says about some famous people like Elvis Presley, Mother Theresa and John Gacy by clicking here.

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