What Is Heart Intelligence?

Everywhere we go these days you hear people say that we need to be “heart centered”, “speak from our heart”, and “follow your heart”. Why is this? What does this really mean? Almost 60 years ago, research showed that the heart communicates with the brain in ways that affect how we look and react to the world around us.

Heart Intelligence is a higher level of awareness As far back as Aristoteles, Greek Philosopher and student of Plato; some people have known that our heart is the center of our intelligence, not the brain. For the past 30 years scientist have been talking about Heart Intelligence, a higher level of awareness that arises from the heart. These scientists have validated what our spiritual teachers and traditions have been teaching us for many years, the heart at the center of our intelligence gives us access to our soul’s wisdom and wisdom of the Universe (or our Higher Self).

Heart Intelligence is a higher level of awareness that arises when you are able to balance and connect your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual knowing. When you can connect your heart and brain you will have the ability to be fully real, present, connected and heart-directed in every area of your life.

Our hearts send messages to our brain every day, if we can operate from our hearts instead of our heads we can experience greater levels of living, creativity, intuition and thinking that is from higher consciousness.

Written by Rev. Donna Bretz

Rev. Donna Bretz


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