Why Should I Have a House Blessing and Cleansing?

Your house and belongings absorbs energy like a sponge, both positive and negative, and holds onto that energy. This energy reflects and affects the people and animals living there. The energy can change when guests visit, when your emotions are altered for an extended period of time and when drastic changes occur in your life. Depending on the situation, the energy will become more positive or negative similar to the odor of a sponge changing with each use.


House Blessing

Cross on the bibleMany religions and cultures perform blessings of the home. The blessing of a household is mentioned in the bible (2 Samuel 6:12, Psalm 4:8) asking for God’s favor and protection. However, the blessing can be religious or nonreligious and is also known as a spiritual house warming.

During the blessing, prayers are said out loud or silently for peace, love and protection, holy water or bless water may be sprinkled in each room and on the outside of the home, and some ceremonies involve incense (commonly frankincense and/or myrrh), holy oil and/or candles. The blessing helps release the negative energy within the home and promotes positive energy and balance. It also helps protect from future outside negative influences and energy.


House Cleansing

Like house blessings, the house cleansing (sometimes call house clearing) removes negative energy and brings positive energy and harmony into the home. Some people also cleanse the home to remove unwelcome spirits, which may or may not work. The house cleansing is intended to clear out all negative energy, curses and entities from the home.

Most house cleansing involves smudging, the burning of sage or sandalwood incense to remove negative energy from each room. Smoke absorbs the negative energy and carries it away. Sea salt, cedar, sweetgrass, candles, bells, singing bowl, rattles and/or drum may also be used during a house cleansing.



For centuries, house blessing and cleansing have been done to cleanse, renew, protect and consecrate the home or business. Many think of it as an “environmental healing”. After the ceremony is complete, there is a feeling of balance, peace and happiness. The blessing provides protection from unwanted outside influences.

Some reasons for doing a house blessing and cleansing at your home or work:Moving into a new house

  • Moving into a new home
  • Working in a new office
  • Preparing for a new baby
  • Helping clear home after a period of sadness or negativity
  • Removing energy after a social gathering
  • Changing energy after a renovation or major cleaning
  • Bringing many new items into the home, especially antiques or second-hand items
  • Experiencing a bad or traumatic event in your home or at work
  • Starting a new job
  • Sensing spiritual or ghostly presence

House blessing and cleansing can be done separately or together. However, house blessing does not remove negative spirits or entities. It only clears negative energy and provides protection. Most of the time, house blessings and cleansing are done together to remove negative energies and influences, provide protection from future outside negative influences and promote love, peace and harmony.

Above all, the house blessing and cleansing is about your intent. During the ceremony, a positive intent must be kept in order to remove ALL negative energy. This means your thoughts and feelings must be focused on the positive. For this reason, many people choose to hire someone to perform the house blessing and cleansing instead of doing it themselves. Also, if you feel there is a negative entity in your home, please consider hiring someone who has experience with ghost or asking your priest to perform the ceremony.

After the ceremony, the atmosphere in the home is like a fresh clean sponge ready to absorb prosperity, happiness, friendship, growth, peace, luck and protection.

Who Can I Hire?

Lynne Hamilton and Brenda Mayo, co-owners of Seeds of Wellness, offer house blessing and cleansing services. We are able to do the ceremonies separately or together depending on your needs.

Brenda provides the house cleansing from a Native American tradition. She smudges each room using white sage as she envisions white light washing the room of negative energies and entities while thanking Great Spirit for cleansing the home and providing protection. If you do not want the smoke from the sage in your home or work, Brenda will spray a light mist of water infused with white sage to provide similar cleansing as smudging offers.

Praying handsLynne uses her religious beliefs as she blesses and mists the home with blessed water while saying prayers for love and protection in each room. If you prefer a less religion blessing, Lynne is able to generalize her prayers to be specific to the house and people living within it.

When combined with the house cleansing, Lynne sprinkles sea salt in each room and on the window sills to seal out the negative energy. Sea salt is also used at the doorways and around the outside of the home to keep the negative energy and entities from going back into the home and provide protection from outside influences. A mixture of sea salt and water can be used instead of sea salt alone if you prefer the salt to not be visible.

For more information or to set up an appointment, please call Seeds of Wellness at 440-933-7733.


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