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Candle and Incense Products

From the moment you enter Seeds of Wellness you smell the variety of candles by Sacred Path Candles and incense we carry in our store. We offer over 30 different aromatherapy votive candles, a variety of aromatherapy pillar candles, and 30 fragrances of incense sticks and cones. Come in and smell the variety of candle holders and incence burners we also carry.

Sacred Path Candles

Sacred Path Aromatherapy Candles

Susan Robinson, a spiritual healer, hand pours aromatherapy candles in Orwell, Ohio. Her candles provide energy for your healing and well-being. Susan blesses her oils and uses spirit to guide her when creating new fragrances.

Seeds of Wellness provides aromatherapy candles for healing, money, luck, energy, protection, spirituality, success and more. The pillar candles measure approximately 4" tall by 3" wide and burn up to 54 hours. Each votive candle burns up to 12 hours.

Candle Holders

You will find a variety of glass and ceramic candle holders at Seeds of Wellness. The different candle holders we provide work with the votive or the pillar candles by Sacred Path Candles.

Wild Berry Incense

Like many of the products we carry at Seed of Wellness, Wild Berry incense is made in Ohio. They use only the highest quality fragrances and a secret ingredient to help the aroma stay fresh and smell the same whether the incense is burning or not.

Wild Berry Cone Incense

Enjoy the cone and stick incense from Wild Berry. Our stick incense focuses on the earthy and spicy aromas.

New Wild Berry stick incense

Find out for yourself what makes Wild Berry America's Best Incense.

Double Strength Incense from The Dipper Inc.

The Dipper Inc. Incense

Seeds of Wellness provides 16 different fragrances of incense sticks made by The Dipper Inc. Established in 1980, The Dipper Inc. makes all their incense in the USA.

Their double strength incense is handcrafted with the highest ingredients. Each 11" stick of incense is fashioned by hand, dipped in the finest oils, seasoned in the warmth of the Southwest, and burns approximately an hour or more.

Come into the store and smell the fragances for yourself.

Fragrance Oils

Have you been looking for fragrance oils?

Wild Berry Incense Oils

We have added a few fragrance oils from Wild Berry to our product lines.

Fragrance oils can be used in the car, put in a glass or terra cotta bowl, used in infusers, etc. These oils are concentrated, so they need to be diluted with water or a neutral oil like olive, almond or grapeseed oil.

Various Incense Burners Available

Incense Burners

A variety of cone and stick incense burners have also been added to our gift store.

Hate dealing with the left over ash when you burn stick incense? Deal with the ash no longer when you use a Bottle Incense Burners. We carry a variety of colors, and they are easy to use. We also carry incense towers made from wood and take up little space on your table or counter.

Prefer traditional incense burners made from wood. We have plain wood and design inlaid wood stick incense burners. Enjoy watching the incense smoke come out the top of a wooden box cone incense burner.

Our polyresin cone and stick incense burners are whimsical and decorative.

Incense Towers

Incense Towers

Do you like to burn stick incense, but hate the ashes?

You don't have the messy ashes when you use one of our new towers or glass bottle incense burners. The ash drops into the bottom of the enclosed container as the incense burns. The smoke rises out of the holes to fill the room with its wonderful aroma. When the incense is finished, you can dump the ashes into the garbage easily without having to cleanup the table top as well.


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