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Homemade Gifts

Seeds of Wellness has many unique homemade gifts to purchase for yourself or someone you love. Many products are handcrafted by people living in Ohio and America.

Looking for a gift with specific colors or gemstones? The owners of Seeds of Wellness, Lynne and Brenda, make the wire gemstone trees and earrings in the store. Just stop in or call to make a customer order with us. We can also make custom necklaces and bracelets.

Stain Glass Sun Catchers by Janice Kendzior

Stained Glass by Janice Kendzior

Stained glass artist, Janet Kendzior, is now selling her creations at Seeds of Wellness.

Her stained glass items are simple, elegant and range in sizes. We are carrying sun catchers, glass wands and wood wands (great gift for Harry Potter fans).

Stain glass necklaces by Janice Kendzior

Janice also makes stain glass necklaces handcrafted with lead-free solder.

Choose from a variety of shapes, colors, and designs. The necklaces are hung from leather or ribbon that you can adjust to the perfect length for you or someone you love.

Come in and experience Janice's elegant stained glass work at reasonable prices.

Hand painted stones by Greg Kendzior

Hand Painted Stone Art by Greg Kendzior

Greg Kendzior hand painted several stone art pieces that are for sale at Seeds of Wellness. Lady bugs bring good luck, and the stones are small enough to carry in a pocket or purse.

Dandelion seed

 Artwork by Ave. Art

Brooches, note cards and paintings by Ave. ART

Stop in and see the unique artwork by Ave. ART.

Original art created by individuals and groups in art therapy sessions at New Avenues to Independence. Proceeds from the sales go to the artists and to purchase art materials for the program.

We offer brooches, note cards, coasters and paintings.

To learn more about New Avenues to Independence, please visit their website.

Paintings by Ave. ART

Great gifts that support a wonderful organization!

Cheese Plates and Bowls by Betty Finkler

Bottle Cheese Plates and Bowl

Betty Finkler, a Strongsville resident, uses her kiln to recycle glass bottles and melt them into cheese plates and bowls. These unique homemade gifts are made from alcohol and wine bottles that are food safe.

Bottle Cheese Plates and Bowl

Display them on your table or on the wall as a conversation piece when they are not being used. Purchase these hand decorated bottle servers for yourself or a loved one at Seeds of Wellness.

Lady Sculptures by Katrina King

Lady Sculptures by Katrina King

Katrina King, a native of Ohio, makes her lady sculptures from paper and material and molds them into poses that convey a message. Her use of textures, colors, and accessories, make each sculpture unique and beautiful. These sculptures are a unique gift or decoration for your home.

Handmade Paracord Jewelry and Pet Products

Handmade Paracord Bracelets
Handmade Paracord Pet Collars

Check out the new paracord bracelets, watches, pet collars, key chains and cat toys made by Lynne and Brenda in a variety of designs and colors. Bracelets are 7" to 9 1/2" and available in Avon Lake, Avon, Indians and Browns colors.

Handmade Paracord Pet Collars

We also make watches and watch bands from paracord. Want a watch band made specifically for your watch? Bring your watch in, so we can see if we are able to make a paracord band for it. Choose from a variety of colors for a one or two color watch band.


Handmade Paracord Cat Toys

Pick a ball or ball on a string with a bell inside for your cat. Our cats, Hank and Sugar Bear, love playing with these paracord cat toys.

Want a specific color(s) or length? Ask Brenda about making you a custom bracelet, pet collar or cat toy.

Great gift for you or your favorite sports fan.

Handmade gemstone bracelets by Seed of Wellness

Gemstone Bracelets

Check out the new handmade gemstone bracelets made by Lynne and Brenda.

Bracelets are made with one or more gemstone and vary in length from 7" to 9".

Have a specific gemstone or color you would like? Ask Brenda about making you or a loved one a custom bracelet.

Potpourri Glass Hearts

Handcrafted potpourri glass hearts

These beautiful potpourri filled glass hearts are great for in the car and home.

The hearts contain organically grown roses, lavender or mint and essential oils to enhance the aroma.

Heat and Cold Wraps

To help relieve your aches and pains apply one of Seeds of Wellness heat and cold wraps. You can heat the wrap for approximately 90 seconds to 2 minutes maximum to warm you muscles without the use of electricity. Or you can put the bag into a plastic bag, then into the freezer for a minimum of 30 minutes to cool it. The longer you leave the wrap in the freezer, the colder it will become and the longer it will remain cold. Seeds of Wellness wraps are filled with rice or fresh feed corn to retain the heat or cold for a long period of time.

These wraps come in different sizes and colors and make the perfect homemade gift.

Handmade Heat and Cold Wraps

Handmade Kitchen and Body Items

The mother of owner, Brenda K Mayo, sews pot holders and crochets scrubbers, soap bags, and the tops of hand towels. The scrubbers will remove dried eggs from pans, dead bugs on your car, messes stuck on the counters and more without scratching the surface. The hand towels can be hung on the front of the stove, handle of the refrigerator, cupboard handles, or anywhere you need to put them for fast and convenient use.

Ever have your bar of soap slip from your hands while in the tub or shower? This won't happen again if you use the crocheted soap bag. Just put your bar of soap inside the bag and scrub your skin. The bag exfoliates your skin as your soap cleans. When finished, you can hang the soap on the bathroom fixtures, hook, or leave on a shelf to dry. Add a new bar of soap when the other one is too small to hold onto, so you will not waste any soap again.

Miniature Gemstone Wired Trees

The owners of Seeds of Wellness, Lynne and Brenda, enjoy creating unique miniature trees using wire, semi-precious gemstones and glass beads. Some of the trees are displayed in a terra cotta pot while others are attached to stones. Each tree is unique and colorful. You can carefully move the branches into a pleasing arrangement or leave the branches in their original place.

Miniature Gemstone Wired Trees

Other Items

Come inside Seeds of Wellness and see what is new. We are always adding unique handcrafted items, like blank cards decorated with hand cut paper designs and handmade earrings. Sign up for our e-mail to learn about new products, events, and services by calling, filling out our form on the E-mail Sign up page, or coming into Seeds of Wellness.


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