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Holistic & Psychic Fair

Holistic & Psychic Fair on Nov 11, 10am-3pm sponsored by
	  Seeds of Wellness

Seeds of Wellness Hosts Holistic & Psychic Fair

Receive a 15 minute reading from your choice of psychic readers, experience energy healing, enjoy holistic products and meet local vendors.

Mark your calender to attend!

Date: Sunday, November 11, 2018

Time: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Where: The Landings Club House at 425 Avon Belden Road, Avon Lake, OH 44012

Admission is FREE.

Disclaimer: Psychic readings for entertainment only. Must be 18+


Psychic and medium Rev. Pat Beers will be at the Holistic & 
	  Psychic Fair on Nov 11, 2018

Rev. Pat Beers

Pat, an internationally known professional psychic, has been using her psychic gifts since childhood. Her initial "spirit" contact occurred as a child. As a clairvoyant, medium and psychometrist (uses your objects to pick up vibrations), Pat uses her gifts to provide guidance and answer your questions. Pat Beers provides psychic readings at Seeds of Wellness, several locations in Ohio and psychic fairs in several states.

Psychic Rev. Donna Bretz reading at Holistic & Psychic Fair on Nov 11, 2018

Rev. Donna Bretz

Looking for answers to your questions and help moving forward on your path? Rev. Donna Bretz will use her many years of experience working in the area of healing and intuitive sensing to help you. As an empath, Donna senses your energy blocks and the angels and guides that travel with you. With the help of your and her guides, Donna's readings focus on inner growth and healing. If your energy needs a tune up or you have been feeling off balance, she can help you by using her skills as a Reiki Master/Teacher and ability to use Cord Cutting and Energy Balancing. Donna brings a gentle energy as she helps you move into a happier state of being.

Psychic Rev. Elizabeth Howell reading at Holistic & Psychic Fair on Nov 11, 2018

Rev. Elizabeth Howell

After surviving a near dealth experience at the age of three, Elizabeth became aware of her ability to see dead people, colors around people and more. She began using these gifts as a professional reader about 19 years ago. Elizabeth Howell is also a Reiki Master, certified Herbalist, certified Hypnotherapist and ordained minister. She loves helping people, learning, teaching and growing.

Psychic reader, Rev. Liz Madsen reading at Holistic & Psychic Fair on Nov 11, 2018

Rev. Liz Madsen CNHP, RMT

Liz provides a unique service. She communicates with animals alive and passed on. However, Liz doesn't only work with pets, as a Natural Health and Energy Consultant, Reiki Master-Teacher and Spirit Reader, she helps people too. Liz also teaches classes in Reiki, clear Chakras, and Gemstone healing.

Liz offers the following types of readings: spirit readings, animal communication, guides and animal guides, pet oracle cards, card and rune readings.

Greg Nicholas

As 4th generation psychic medium descended from his Great Italian Grandmother, Greg has over 20 years of experience. Through the use of dominos, cards and a pendulum, Greg confirms messages from spirit and angels. He relies on the various feelings and scents he receives during the reading to connect with departed loved ones. Greg also uses his empathic gift to receive and convey messages. While Greg can help guide you in any area, he specializes in connecting with the other side.

Psychic Don Schilk reading at Holistic & Psychic Fair on Nov 11, 2018

Don Schilk

Don is a intuitive cartomancer (card reader with spirit and the universe) who works with regular playing cards, the Norman decks, and tarot with the social and astrology. He also does pendulum readings and arrangements, and minors in auras and psychometry. Don teaches various classes on all the subjects above.

Rev. PJ Zepp

Psychic Rev. PJ Zepp reading at Holistic & Psychic Fair on May 21, 2017

PJ is an intuitive empath and a lifelong student of metaphysics. A certified Reiki Healer and ordained minister; her studies were prompted by a series of tragic losses experienced as a child. She's been reading professionally for over 20 years and draws upon resources like tarot cards, runes and animal messengers to help her tell the story of your life as it is unfolding. PJ becomes highly attuned to the underlying energies at play in perplexing situations and can provide empowering insight to help illuminate the path your soul is currently traveling on the tree of life.

Holistic Healers and Vendors

3rd House Celestial Communications

The practitioners of 3rd House use their crystal companions on the human etheric field and energy body to bring about a significant change in these bodies. This energetic change influences change in the physical body. The client experiences deep relaxation and a relief from stress. This is important to the body achieving balance.

Patty Slevey, Lucile Tereletsky and Donna Bell are 3rd House Celestial Communications. We have decades of training and experience as spiritual healers and Reiki Masters.

We believe we are blessed with spiritual gifts to help our fellow man.

Arcana Press llc

Arcana Press Tarot Cards at Holistic & Psychic Fair on Nov 11, 2018

Arcana Press presents The Triadic Tarot, a new and very different deck in the Tarot tradition. It is a fully functioning Tarot designed to teach a method of reading the mysterious non-scenic pips of historic Marseilles-style cards. Also available is a newly published book. The Tarot: A Strange and Wondrous Thing addresses the traditional Tarot in depth. Ideal gifts for any Tarot enthusiast.

Reiki with Summer Davis at Holistic & Psychic Fair on Nov 11, 2018

Summmer Davis

My name is Summer Davis, and I am a Reiki Practitioner. I have been practicing Reiki for about 1 year now, and have been studying it for 3. Reiki is a huge part of my everyday life. I enjoy teaching it, and giving treatments to others. The benefits are endless!

Laura DelMonte

Spiritural healing with Laura DelMonte at Holistic & Psychic Fair on Nov 11, 2018

Laura believes it's her souls purpose to be a channel of healing energies as well as a messenger and teacher. Her journey the last several years has been life changing and so fulfilling. While we all could do this, Laura believes these gifts were passed down from both my Mother and Father's sides of the family.

Laura's healing session incorporate modalities from a Shaman apprenticeship, Reiki, IET, Pranic and Spiritual Healing as well as the Medicine Wheel. The addition of crystals and singing bowls are also used while music such as the Indian Flute or nature sounds are playing softly in the background.

During the summers, Laura serves as a Healer at the LilyDale Healing Temple in New York and is part of the Connected Souls Healing Group that started as a result of a group of infinitely connected individuals who attended a mastery class in the summer of 2017. She is also a Certified Fairyologist and Ordained Minister the Universal Light Church.

Get Orgoned

James Hickey manufactures and sells affordable and effective Orgone Accumulation devices. Orgone is another name for the universal life force energy that is present everywhere and in everything. Each device is unique and most importantly they WORK. Orgonics aid in many areas of life, and particularly in spiritual development. Whether you're working on manifesting through the Law of Attraction, developing in your astral travel techniques, refining your psychic abilities, or simply trying to heal...Orgonics will help.

Massage Therapy with Greg Kendzior, LMT 
	  at Holistic & Psychic Fair on June 10, 2018

Greg Kendzior, LMT

Greg has been a practicing licensed massage therapist for 5 years and has over 12 years experience as a Reiki Master. He does relaxation, deep tissue and sports massage.

As a certified Tuning Fork Therapist for 15 years, Greg uses a series of 9 tuning forks during a session and can be combined with massage and Reiki.

Receive a 15 minute chair massage for $15.00.

Learn about hypnotherapy with Jerome Masek
	  at Holistic & Psychic Fair on June 10, 2018

Jerome Masek

Certified Hypnotist Jerome Masek has worked with more than 2,000 clients in the past 12 years. His training with the National Guild of Hypnotists allows him to help other people improve the quality of their lives. He sees clients 1-on-1 in his office near Kamms Corners in West Park, offers hypnosis parties in the home, and is available for speaking and demonstrations to community groups. If you book an appointment at the fair, you can receive a $10 discount on your first session.

Natural skin care products made by Young Beair Essentials

Young Beair Essentials

Young Beair Essentials is a small handcrafted soap and cosmetics company started in 2016 by Jessica Maurer. It was started in remembrance of her grandmothers and their love for nature. The handcrafted soap and cosmetics are made with natural ingredients and are vegan/vegetarian. This allows people to enjoy the products they use in their every day lives and can find comfort in knowing that it is also nourishing at the same time.

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