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Music and Meditation CDs

Somerset Interactive Music CD Display

Music CDs

When you walk into Seeds of Wellness, you hear the relaxing music coming from their Somerset Entertainment interactive music CD display. We carry 18 different music CDs that provide relaxation, stress relief, rejuvenation, and more.

To hear samples from a specific CD, you press the CD image. Each time you press the image, you hear a new sample. Each CD has four sample music selections, so you are able to pick the perfect CD for you or a loved one.

Each CD promotes health and wellness through music. Some of the CDs incorporate sounds of nature with instrumental music to create a peaceful and relaxation atmosphere. Listen to the sound of water, birds, or animals depending on the CD you choose. Other CDs provide soothing sounds with classical music or a specific musical style, like a Celtic flair or Italian compositions.

The music CDs at Seeds of Wellness are great gifts for family, friends, and yourself. Explore the different CDs to find the one that will help you relax while working, driving, or getting ready to go to sleep. Let the music wash away the day's stress, calm the worries, and rejuvenate your spirit.

Meditation CDs

Seeds of Wellness also provides CDs specifically for meditation. These CDs by Paradise Music offer guide meditations and relaxing music, so you can do your own meditation while listening. These CDs can be enjoyed by beginners to advanced meditators with short and long meditations.

Meditation CDs by Paradise Music

Enjoy using these CDs to relax alone or with a group of friends.


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