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Seeds of Wellness offers a variety of services. Please call 440-933-7733 to reserve a day and time for the service of your choice.

Animal guide readings at Seeds of Wellness

Reiki Massage

Relax with a light massage and Reiki from Lynne Hamilton, LPN. Lynne’s massage helps release stress and tension from your muscles and reduce pain from muscle knots. You have the choice of sitting in a chair or laying on a massage table fully clothed. Call to make an appointment.

$1 per minute, 15 minute minimum

Sound healing with Brenda Mayo at Seeds of Wellness

Animal Guide Readings

Learn what your animal guides have to teach you. Find out what animal guide you have for each direction of the medicine wheel and the teachings that animal has to offer you. You can learn about five animal guides or all seven. Each animal gives you positive direction for your life, career, projects, and/or relationships.

Five animal reading = $25
Seven animal reading = $30

Reiki Massage with Lynne Hamilton, LPN, at Seeds of Wellness

Sound Healing

Sign up for a Tingsha healing session with co-owner, Brenda Mayo. The sound of the tingshas helps clear negative and blocked energy in your body and reduce mental stress and anxiety. By clearing your energy, your body’s ability to heal itself improves. Sessions are done while sitting in a chair or laying on a massage table.

$1 per minute, 15 minute minimum

Reiki offered at Seeds of Wellness in Avon Lake, OH

House Blessing and Cleansing

Does the atmosphere in your house feel heavy? Do you have a hard time being positive in your home? Are you moving into a new home or is someone moving out? Co-owners, Lynne Hamilton and Brenda Mayo, offer house blessings and/or cleansing for your home, office, and business. Lynne blesses your home with holy water as she says house blessing prayers to invite positive energy and love into your house. Brenda cleanses the house by smudging with white sage and sea salt. Give us a call for more information and set up an appointment. We’ll help lighten the atmosphere in your house to help you feel positive and at peace.

Blessing only = $35
Cleansing only = $40
Blessing and Cleansing = $65

White light chamber at Seeds of Wellness

Reiki Session

Enjoy the relaxation and healing Reiki brings. This natural healing technique works with your energy field to help release dis-ease within your body and improve your body’s ability to heal. Co-owners and Reiki masters, Lynne Hamilton and Brenda Mayo, perform Reiki on people and animals. Your pet must be on a leash or in a carrier.

$1 per minute, 15 minute minimum

House blessing and cleansing by Seeds of Wellness co-owners

White Light Chamber

Feeling stressed out and/or heavy with negative energy? Receive an esthetic shower that will “wash” your aura while you sit in the White Light Chamber. Your energy field will be toned and grounded as you enjoy positive energy all around you. It only takes 10 min.

10 minutes = $10
15 minutes = $15

Call 440-933-7733 or contact us to set up your appointment. (Walk-ins are welcome between scheduled appointments.)