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What Customers Say About Seeds of Wellness

The more I review my "Animal Guide" reading (results), the more focused I get on what I must do in my life to make it "for me" and not others. At first I was a little hesitant to have the reading but it ended up being so SPOT ON!!! I try to read again every day to keep me focused on the direction I need to go. My reading was comforting but so real!

B. Hallock

I am writing to say that I was very pleased to come to the Reiki class held yesterday, November 15, 2014. Donna was such a good teacher. I felt very comfortable with her and she taught us the basics without all the unnecessary "frills". I felt very relaxed and look forward to taking Reiki II! The store atmosphere added to the relaxation; the smell of candles/incense and the soothing music. You guys do a great job and I love the store! Thank you!

N. Cowles

If you don't like washing dishes, the homemade scrubbies (Seeds of Wellness) sell make washing dishes a breeze. If you do like washing dishes, then you'll enjoy it even more with their scrubbies. My husband and I absolutely love ours. I grew up using the green 3-M pads, and these (scrubbies) work even better than those!

My in-laws love the (scrubbies) I've given them. My sister-in-law is giving them as gifts to her friends. I haven't come across a "user" that doesn't like them yet. They're inexpensive, but a hit with everyone. And if you don't wash dishes, Brenda, one of the owners, has all kinds of other uses for the (scrubby), just ask! They rock!

E. Baskin

I have been meaning to write this testimonial for over a year and a half now, but these words ring truer today than they did 18 months ago!

A year and a half ago my mother had her second heart attack and fearing for her life, I was determined to help her to stop smoking! After speaking with Brenda and Lynn from Seeds of Wellness about the electronic cigarettes, I thought, "What does she have to lose by trying this out, except her life?" The cost was minimal when compared with the cost of cigarettes today and I was willing to try anything!

My mother smoked for over 50 years and was what one would consider a chain smoker. She had tried to quit by using patches, gum, and the old “cold turkey measures many times over the years and I honestly thought that if this only lasted a little while, it would still be worth it, so after her discharge from the hospital, I presented her with her welcome home gift, an electronic cigarette.

She used it for the next few weeks and quickly tapered down to the minimal nicotine dosage. We were all surprised when she announced that she was also done with the electronic cigarette! We couldn't believe that after all those years she was willing to give up her security blanket and addiction that easily!

It has been 18 months and my mother has been smoke free all that time! I genuinely thank Seeds of Wellness and the electronic cigarettes they sell for saving my mother’s life.

B. Gaw Taylor

I really enjoy working at Seeds of Wellness. The atmosphere is great for massage work and Brenda and Lynne are great to work with. The clientele are great!

G. Kendzior, LMT

Your line of Premium electronic cigarette products have been a life-saver! When I quit smoking, I tried other nicotine-replacement products such as the patch, which gave me chest pains, and lozenges, which upset my stomach. The electronic cigarette allows me to get just enough nicotine as I need, and no more.

I've tried other brands of electronic cigarette, but Premium brand is the best. The cartridges last longer than cheaper varieties, and the batteries are reliable and have never blown up while in use, as another (cheaper brand from Drug Mart) once did!

The new Premium "super battery" (EGO Battery) I purchased yesterday is FABULOUS. It holds a charge longer than regular batteries, and I get more mileage out of each nicotine cartridge.

V. Greenleaf

Great products. Friendly atmosphere. Definite place to shop on my list!

C. Wagner