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Divination Tools

Purchase a variety of metaphysical and divination tools at Seeds of Wellness:

Gemstone Pendulums – we can wire wrap any gemstone to use as a pendulums

Oracle Cards – includes angel, animal, and crystals cards

Runes Stones – from wood to gemstone runes

Tarot Decks – offer Lenormand, Rider-Waite, and specialized decks

Looking for a specific divination tool. If we don’t have it in stock, we can special order it for you. Call us or stop in to find out what we have in stock.

For centuries, divination tools, like tarot decks, oracle cards, pendulums, and runes, have helped guide people through their life. All of these tools use your intuition and higher consciousness to deliver you a message or answer to your question(s).

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards appeared in Europe during the 1900s with the Lenormand Oracle. Since the 1970s, oracle decks increased in popularity and no two oracle cards are alike. Some are similar to tarot decks while others have a particular theme. Even the number of cards in the deck varies. 

Not all oracle cards are meant for divination. Some offer reflection and wisdom while others provide affirmations.


A pendulum can be any weighted object that swings freely from the end of a string or chain. Therefore, a necklace with a pendant, key chain, etc. can be used as a pendulum. You can find pendulums made from gemstones, wood, glass, and metal.

People use pendulums for divination, dowsing, and balancing energy. When using a pendulum as a divination tool, a person asks yes/no questions to receive guidance, understanding, and awareness from the answers.

Want to use your own crystal as a divination tool? We can wrap most crystals or put it in a gemstone cage, so you can use it as a pendulum.

Rune Stones

Runes are an early writing system used for German languages dating back to around 150 AD. This makes it one of the early writing systems in the world. History states that runes were a sacred gift to mortals.  First given to the Norse God Odin after he wounded himself with a spear and then hung himself from Yggdrasill, the World Tree for nine days.

Runes provide insights into situations and can offer the key to predicting outcomes. Psychics use runes in conjunction with their intuitions to get clearer answers to specific questions. The runes can be used to help guide us through problems or issues and help to show us what is likely to happen. 

Almost everyone has thought, at least once in their life, “it will be awesome if I can predict my future”. History says that runes are the perfect tool for that. They are known for hinting towards answers, which is where intuition is helpful. With our intuitions and an experienced runic reader, it can make a difference. Runes can be helpful for finding the hints about something when we feel like all the doors of the mind are closed.

Tarot Decks

The most popular divination tool is a tarot deck. Since the 1400s people used pictorial cards for predictions. Tarot decks come in a variety of themes, but they all have the following in common:
  • 78 cards in the deck with a numbered structure
  • Major and minor arcana
  • Court cards
  • Four suits in the minor arcana
  • Each specific card has similar meaning in very deck (i.e., The Magician card uses the same meanings in all tarot decks with some slight variations)

If you are looking for a specific tarot or oracle deck, please contact us at 440-933-7733. If we don’t have it in stock, we can special order it for you.