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Rev. Pat Beers

Psychic medium Pat Beers at Seeds of Wellness

Embark on a transformative journey with Rev. Pat Beers, our seasoned psychic extraordinaire at Seeds of Wellness since 2011. As a gifted medium, clairvoyant, and psychometrist, Pat channels energies from personal objects, unveiling the vibrations that guide you on your life path.

Why Choose Pat?

  • Internationally Recognized: Pat’s psychic prowess isn’t just local; she’s renowned on the global stage.
  • Beyond the Ordinary Insights: With a knack for connecting with the beyond, Pat offers insights into relationships, health, career, and more.
  • Soulful Connections: Feel the compassionate energy as Pat delves into your life’s journey.
  • Pet-Friendly Readings: Welcoming animal companions, Pat extends her psychic insights to your furry friends (on a leash or in a carrier).

Ready to unravel the mysteries of your life? Allow Rev. Pat Beers to be your spiritual guide.

Donna Bell

Donna Bell, crystal healer and psychic, at Seeds of Wellness

In the intricate dance of energy, every element whispers a story. Donna Bell, our seasoned energy practitioner of over 25 years, unveils the ancient art of crystal divination to decode the narrative within your life’s tapestry.

Why Choose Donna?

  • Transformative Sessions: Donna deciphers your energy matrix, guiding you through life’s complexities with precision.
  • Mastery Unveiled: Over two decades of expertise, harmonizing spiritual insights, and earthly energies to unveil the mysteries of your unique cosmic tapestry.
  • Crystalline Wisdom: Harness the insights of centuries-old crystal divination, a potent tool illuminating life’s complexities. 
  • Nature’s Symphony: Join Donna in orchestrating a unique session where the energies of the Divine and the Earth converge, crafting a powerful synergy.

Ready to let your energy’s tale unfold? Embrace the enchantment with Donna Bell, where ancient wisdom meets modern insight.

Sue Hagan

Psychic medium Sue Hagan at Seeds of Wellness

In the psychic realm, Sue Hagan, a seasoned medium with over two decades of experience, began her journey under Florence’s mentorship in Elyria. She honed her skills through classes in Tarot, energy work, and numerology with Ray Frazer.

Formerly in Plymouth, Michigan, Sue actively read at a local shop and collaborated with a ghost-hunting group. Today, she incorporates a rich tapestry of skills—Tarot, energy work, numerology, and Healing Touch—into her readings.

Why Choose Sue?

  • Enriched Readings: Experience the profound insights of Sue’s diverse expertise, blending Tarot, energy work, numerology, and Healing Touch.
  • Beyond Boundaries: Sue’s mediumship extends beyond borders, seamlessly blending abilities with experiences from Plymouth, Michigan, to the realms of ghost-hunting.
  • Spirit-Driven Truth: Operate with integrity. Sue delivers messages not based on desires but on what the spirit genuinely communicates.

Ready to unravel the messages of the unseen? Embrace the profound insights with Sue Hagan, where experience meets authenticity.

Rev. Elizabeth Howell

Psychic medium Elizabeth Howell at Seeds of Wellness

Surviving a near-death experience at the age of three, Elizabeth Howell discovered her extraordinary gifts—seeing dead people, perceiving auras, and more. This early awakening set her on a path of metaphysical exploration, studying under nationally renowned masters like Dick Sutphen and Cynthia Hart.

Why Choose Elizabeth?

  • Metaphysical Mastery: Elizabeth’s extensive studies with nationally known masters and teachers of metaphysical sciences reflect in her profound insights and a wealth of metaphysical wisdom.
  • Proven Accuracy: With a remarkable 90% accuracy rate, Elizabeth has offered guidance to over 80,000 individuals nationwide.
  • Holistic Healer: Beyond being a gifted psychic, Elizabeth is a certified hypnotherapist, metaphysical counselor, and herbalist, adding depth to her readings.

Ready to tap into the transformative power of metaphysical wisdom and accurate insights? Choose Elizabeth Howell for a profound psychic reading experience.

Rev. Greg Nicholas

Psychic medium Greg Nicholas at Seeds of Wellness

Greg Nicholas, a trusted presence at Seeds of Wellness since March 2014, is more than a psychic medium — he’s a bearer of a rich ancestral legacy. Descended from his Italian great-grandmother, Greg is a 4th generation psychic medium.

Why Choose Greg?

  • Rich Ancestral Heritage: Greg’s abilities are steeped in a family tradition of psychic insight, providing a unique depth to his readings.

  • Versatile Tools: Greg employs a variety of tools, including dominos, cards, and a pendulum, offering a distinctive and insightful approach.

  • Empathic Sensitivity: With a heightened empathic gift, Greg taps into feelings and scents, fostering a deep and personal connection in every reading.

  • Specialized Expertise: While adept in guiding across various life aspects, Greg specializes in connecting with the other side, providing a focused and profound spiritual experience.

  • Over Twenty Years of Experience: Benefit from Greg’s extensive knowledge and finely tuned skills, developed over two decades of dedicated practice.

Whether confirming messages from spirit and angels or delving into specialized areas like spiritual communication, Greg’s readings offer a unique and insightful journey. Ready to experience the extraordinary? Choose Greg for a reading that transcends the ordinary.

Rev. Larry Szczepanski

Psychic medium Larry Szczepanski at Seeds of Wellness

Rev. Larry Szczepanski, a versatile metaphysical practitioner at Seeds of Wellness, brings a diverse array of tools to illuminate your spiritual journey. Larry eagerly anticipates leveraging his Psychic Mediumship skills to offer profound guidance and messages from the Spirit realm.

Why Choose Larry?

  • Multifaceted Expertise: Benefit from Larry’s extensive metaphysical toolkit, encompassing Psychic Mediumship, Tarot, Angel Card reading, Clinical Hypnosis, and Past Life Coaching.

  • Spiritual Insight: Larry taps into spiritual guidance to enhance the quality of life for his clients, providing profound insights that extend beyond the ordinary.

  • Mediumship Mastery: Larry serves as a conduit, connecting with the other side to deliver messages and guidance from Spirit, offering a unique and cherished gift to those seeking spiritual clarity.

  • Tarot and Angel Cards: To validate and enrich the insights received, Larry employs Tarot and Angel Cards, adding layers of depth to your spiritual exploration.

Experience the transformative power of Larry’s multifaceted approach. Choose Larry for a session that goes beyond conventional readings, unlocking the profound mysteries of your spiritual journey.

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