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House Cleansing Supplies

Need to cleanse the negativity out of a space or people? Seeds of Wellness provides a variety of house cleansing and blessing supplies:

  • Dead sea salt – 2 oz. and 1 lb. bags
  • Florida water
  • Frankincense tear resin
  • Holy water
  • Palo Santo – wood, chips, spray, and oil
  • Rose water
  • Smudging items – sand, pot, and feathers
  • Sweet grass braid
  • White Sage – bundles and loose
These product can be use to help cleanse your home and people of negative energy. The most popular item is White Sage, which is burned or infused in water to help clear the air, called smudging. White Sage comes as loose leaves or bundled together using string. Other products you can use to clear negative energy include Palo Santo wood and sage incense.

How to Use House Cleansing Products

Your house and belongings absorbs energy like a sponge, both positive and negative, and holds onto that energy. This energy reflects and affects the people and animals living there. The energy can change when guests visit, when your emotions are altered for an extended period of time, and when drastic changes occur in your life. Depending on the situation, the energy will become more positive or negative similar to the odor of a sponge changing with each use.

Sage and Palo Santo Wood

When working with sage, a bowl with sand or salt on the bottom catches the ashes from the sage bundle or used to burn loose sage leaves. A feather, heavy paper, fan and even your hand helps move the smoke around and keep the sage leaves burning. The sage smoke absorbs the negative energy and carries it away. You can purchase the bowl, feather and beach sand at Seeds of Wellness. Don’t like smoke? Put some sage in a spray bottle with water. Larger leaves are better because they don’t clog the sprayer. Let it sit for at least 12 hours. 

Like sage, Palo Santo wood cleansing people and space of negativity. You can burn Palo Santo wood or chips in a bowl with sand or salt on the bottom. Sage may be added with the Palo Santo Wood. If you want a no smoke method, use Palo Santo spray or oil. 

Sea Salt

Sea or rock salt purifies and absorbs stagnant energy as well as grounds you. You can sprinkle it on the mattress and in the corners of the room. Draw a line of salt across doorways, window sills and around the house as a barrier to prevent the negative energy from entering the home after you cleanse the home with sage or Palo Santo wood.
After 24 hours, you vacuum or sweep up the salt and wash it down the drain with cold water until it has left the plumbing system or disposed of several yards from your home. Some salt can remain to act as an energy booster. Never eat the salt after using it for cleansing. You can purchase small bags of sea salt at Seeds of Wellness or your local grocery store.

Use sea salt in your bath to help cleanse your body of unwanted energy. Dissolve salt or Epsom salts in hot bathwater and soak for 30 minutes. You can add essential or fragrance oils to the bath as well. Salt can also be rubbed vigorously over your wet body and rinsed off in a cold shower.


After clearing the negative energy, many people use Frankincense to bring positive energy into the home or to a person. You can purchase Frankincense as resin droplets, incense, or essential oil. The resin droplets are placed on top of a piece of burning charcoal to release the aroma.

Rose Water

The rose water we offer can be sprinkled on your clothes to help provide protection and strengthen your life-force energy. The smell of roses also calls angels to help you during your cleansing and stimulates the healing power of love.