33501 Lake Rd., Suite H

Avon Lake, OH 44012


Mon: 12:00 - 6:00 pm

Tue - Fri: 12:00 - 7:00 pm
Sat: 12:00 - 5:00 pm


Most frequent questions and answers

Store FAQ

We opened our doors on October 10, 2010

Our normal business hours are Monday from 12:00 – 6:00 pm, Tuesday – Friday from 12:00 – 7:00 pm and Saturday 12:00 – 5:00 pm. Some Saturdays we open at 10:00am when we are having an event that day. See our events webpage for more information.

Beach Park Station, a strip mall located on Lake Rd in Avon Lake, sits across from the power plant. As you enter the shopping center, continue straight ahead, passing by Tailgators bar and the Avon Lake Post Office. You’ll find Seeds of Wellness situated between the Avon Lake Liquor Store and the Pizza Cutter.

If this FAQ didn’t provide you with enough information, please contact us at 440-933-7733.

FAQ about Seeds of Wellness' dog, Onyx Shadow

Upon entering the store, Onyx expresses her enthusiasm with barks. We kindly request that you refrain from attempting to pet or engage with her during this time. Ignoring her helps to expedite her calming process, and she will eventually approach you seeking attention.

FAQ regarding Onyx pertains to whether she bites. The answer is no, Onyx does not bite. However, she is in the process of improving her manners and customer service. By not rewarding her for her excitement, she will learn more quickly that such behavior does not lead to attention.

Visit our return policy webpage. Please contact us at 440-933-7733 if you have any questions.

Event and Services FAQ

To ensure you secure a particular time or spot at one of our events, we recommend contacting us at 440-933-7733 before the event. This way, you can reserve the most suitable time for you and confirm that the event is not already fully booked.

We welcome walk-ins, but please note that available open times for psychic readings and sessions with healers are limited. In the event that a group event is fully booked, we may not be able to accommodate your visit.

Reiki and sound healing sessions are available during our store hours. Lynne provides nurse massage services on select Saturdays.


Our healers offer their services at various locations, and we have designated specific dates each month for them to provide their services at Seeds of Wellness. To find out when our healers are offering sessions, please consult our event calendar.


For scheduling these sessions, we kindly ask you to reach out to us at 440-933-7733.

We do offer some free events. Please visit our Events & Classes web page for information on our up coming events.

Merchandise FAQ

The CBD (Cannabidoil) products we sell come from Industrial Hemp, a cousin of marijuana that contains little to no THC (the chemical in marijuana that causes a “high”).

If this FAQ didn’t provide you with enough information, please contact us at 440-933-7733.

CBD may offer potential benefits to individuals in various ways, such as functioning as an anticonvulsant, alleviating inflammation in both the body and muscles, mitigating pain (particularly in cases of nerve and joint pain), retarding cell damage associated with diabetes, diminishing anxiety, enhancing mood in cases of depression, and helping to curb cravings, including those for nicotine.


Click here to learn more about the benefits not answered in this FAQ.

We sell a variety of full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD for internal and external use. Full spectrum CBD contains a small amount of THC. If you don’t want any THC in the product, broad spectrum CBD is your best choice.


For internal use we carry tinctures (oils) in a variety of CBD levels, gummies, and capsules. Our external products consist of salves, lotions, roll-ons, and bath powders. If you prefer to vape or smoke CBD, we provide dried buds, pre-rolled joints, vaping oils, and disposable CBD vapes.

We offer CBD gummies, lip balm, lotion, soap, salves, and powders for vegetarians and vegans. Call us at 440-933-7733 if you would like more information than given in this FAQ.

The Garden Variety salves, powders, and lotions are 100% natural.

We offer tarot cards, oracle decks, and rune stones in the store. We can also special order items for you.

Wildberry incense in sticks and cones is our main incense brand. We also sell Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa.
Most of our merchandise is made in the USA and many handmade in Ohio by local artisans.
We sell a selection of doTERRA essential oils. If you need a specific essential oil, please call us, so we can order it for you. Your price will be the retail cost of the essential oil, plus the cost of shipping.

Our gemstone selection includes many types of jaspers (red, picture, mookite, leapord, zebra, burgundy, etc.), quartz (crystal, rose, amethyst, citrine, etc.), agates, peacock ore and more. Please contact us if you are looking for a particular gemstone.

Please see our “Artisans” web page for information about the local artisans offering their merchandise in our store.

Please set up an appointment to meet with Brenda and Lynne on a Saturday to show us your products. Your merchandise must help improve people’s overall well-being in some way to be considered for consignment with us.

You can purchase loose sage, sage bundles, palo santo wood, dead sea salt, rose water, Florida water, frankincense resin, smudge pots, smudge feathers, charcoal, and beach sand.

If this FAQ didn’t provide you with enough information, please contact us at 440-933-7733.

If your question is not answered under our FAQ, please contact us at 440-933-7733.