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Explore Our Holistic Services

We offer an array of transformative services at Seeds of Wellness. From Reiki sessions to house blessings, we have something to uplift every aspect of your well-being.

Our Services Policies

  • NO refunds after services are rendered.
  • If you pre-paid for a service and are unable to attend, you must call at least two days before the event to receive a refund.

Take the first step toward a positive change – call 440-933-7733 now to reserve your preferred service.

Animal guide readings at Seeds of Wellness

Reiki Massage

Experience the perfect blend of relaxation and healing with our Reiki Massage, expertly provided by Lynne Hamilton, LPN. Lynne’s skilled touch not only eases away stress and muscle tension but also targets those stubborn muscle knots, providing relief from pain. What’s more, you have the flexibility to choose between the comfort of a chair or the luxurious massage table, all while remaining fully clothed. Reconnect with your well-being today – book your rejuvenating Reiki Massage with us now.

$1.50/minute, 15 minute minimum

Sound healing with Brenda Mayo at Seeds of Wellness

Animal Guide Readings

Unlock the wisdom of your animal guides with our Animal Guide Readings. Journey through the profound teachings each animal guide brings as you explore the sacred directions of the medicine wheel. Discover the unique guidance offered by your chosen guides, and gain insights into your life, career, projects, and relationships. Whether you choose to explore five or all seven guides, each one offers a positive and transformative path forward. Embrace the wisdom of your animal guides and embark on a journey of self-discovery like never before.

Five animal reading = $30
Seven animal reading = $50

Reiki Massage with Lynne Hamilton, LPN, at Seeds of Wellness

Sound Healing

Elevate your well-being with our Sound Healing sessions led by our co-owner, Brenda Mayo. During a transformative Tingsha healing session, the resonating sounds of tingshas work harmoniously to dispel negativity and unblock energy within your body, alleviating mental stress and anxiety. As your energy clears, your body’s innate healing abilities are amplified, promoting overall wellness. Experience the power of sound healing, whether you choose to be seated in a chair or reclined on a massage table.

$1.50/minute, 15 minute minimum

Reiki offered at Seeds of Wellness in Avon Lake, OH

House Blessing and Cleansing

s your home’s atmosphere feeling heavy or less than positive? Whether you’re moving in, moving out, or simply seeking renewed harmony, co-owners Lynne Hamilton and Brenda Mayo are here to offer their expertise in house blessings and cleansing. Lynne invokes blessings with holy water and heartfelt prayers, ushering in positive energy and love. Brenda performs a deep cleansing with the purifying qualities of white sage and sea salt. Experience the transformative power of our house blessing and cleansing services, and take the first step toward a more positive and peaceful living space.

Blessing and Cleansing = $70

White light chamber at Seeds of Wellness

Reiki Session

Experience the profound relaxation and transformative healing of Reiki. This natural energy-based technique works in harmony with your body’s own energy field, promoting the release of dis-ease and enhancing your innate healing capabilities. At Seeds of Wellness, our co-owners and Reiki masters, Lynne Hamilton and Brenda Mayo, offer Reiki sessions tailored for both people and their animal companions. Whether you seek healing for yourself or your beloved pet, discover the soothing power of Reiki today.

$1.50/minute, 15 minute minimum

House blessing and cleansing by Seeds of Wellness co-owners

White Light Chamber

Are you weighed down by stress and negative energy? Step into our White Light Chamber for a rejuvenating experience. As you sit within, a gentle esthetic shower will cleanse and revitalize your aura, leaving you feeling lighter and more grounded. Surrounded by a cocoon of positive energy, you’ll emerge refreshed and recharged—all in just 10 minutes.

10 minutes = $10
15 minutes = $15

Discover a world of holistic services at Seeds of Wellness, designed to nurture every facet of your well-being. Whether it’s the healing touch of Reiki or the revitalization of a house blessing, our offerings are tailored for transformation. Ready to embark on a journey to a better you? Call 440-933-7733 now to secure your chosen service.

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